5 Amazing Above Ground Pool Decks Ideas For Homes

above ground pool decksWe know that people love swimming in the pool on the hot summer day. But, the old look of the swimming pool sometimes makes us feel bored, right?

Understanding this scenario, we are going to introduce to you the 5 best ideas for above ground pool decks. All the idea can give you the inspiration to change the outlook of the pool into a better one. And the most important thing is that all those designs are budget-friendly.

Top 5 Above Ground Pool Decks Ideas 2019

There are many impressive ways to make your pool more attractive. Let’s check out which design is suitable for you!

Use fence as a decorative part

This is a great method for you to choose from. The fence is good for not only enclosing the backyard oasis but also avoiding active kids.

The fence which we know today does not look like the tough and boring one in the past. We can get various fence types on the market varying many decorative demands. Therefore, you can do up the pool with delight barrier in different styles of your choice.

Building fences on the pool decks prevent children from playing in the pool area without parental supervision. In other words, you can control and take an eye on the kids while they have fun with water games.

If you have no idea which kind of fence to select, we think you should choose the wrought iron one. This type matches perfectly with many styles of pool decks. Moreover, the wrought iron fence is durable and easy to clean.

Build up the decks with modern-styled design

If you are the creative one, you will be attracted to the inspirational above ground pool ideas. Unlike the old way of constructing the pool, you can have your own special pool. We think that this job is hard to do by yourself so you should call the instructor for the best result.

To build this pool, you need to use the fiberglass as the border. The boundary of the pool can be fully or partially installed with the fiberglass. And the final look of the pool can be totally different. I mean you will be surprised by the fresh and modern look of your swimming pool.

With this design, the pool deck should be in a small size to fit with the whole view. Hence, you can see the clear water through the crystal-clear border. The minimal deck is just perfect for the sleek design of the pool.

The pool decks idea for narrow diameter pool

Everyone who has a small above ground pool may think that we can change the way the pool looks. It is totally wrong! We will give you the inspirational pictures for you to have some idea for your own pool.

To fresh the view of the pool, you can build a precast plunge one. This design will bring to you more area to enjoin swimming. Moreover, we are sure that your kid will love it, too.

On the other hand, to enlarge the swimming area, you can also create the bounder on the pool out of the ground. That means the pool deck also needs to be higher than normal. But this combination is really effective in brightening the pool appearance.

You can also plan some trees around the pool for decoration. Moreover, it is a great idea for you to paint the outside of the pool with colorful paint. You should take an investigation before picking which colors come along with the entire background in the backyard.

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DIY pool deck

You can make the pool deck by yourself, it is true! You can build spectacular above pool deck just with the available material at home. Actually, in this way, you can spend less cost than the other ideas we mentioned.

To make your own pool deck, you have to be more creative and use as much as you have got as possible. If this is the first attempt, you may try a simple design. When you have more experiences in this field, you can do what you want more favorably.

For instance, you can reuse the shipping container of the car to build your awesome pool. The appearance of this one is one of a kind. Your family member and your friend will be surprised by your project.

Use plants to light up the view

The green part coming from plants will be an excellent part of your decorating pool deck plans. Sometimes, we tend to focus so much on the structure of the building and forget about details.

We are sure that the successful landscape pool deck has a part of delight plants. There are lots of various plants in shapes and colors for your decoration. You need to clean the wild grass on the patio and grow some flowers instead.

This decorative method is appropriate with different pool shapes from a rectangle one to an oval one. Moreover, using plans for refreshing the look of the pool deck is affordable for a narrow budget.


Finally, we came to the end of this topic. There are some great designs for above ground pool decks you can do at home to bring the new look for the pool. Let’s go beyond the barrier and be creative with your imagination.

We just give you some cool ideas for above ground pool decks. We believe that you can do more than that. You can do the project yourself or call the professor for help. With a little change in the pool, you will get a surprising experience with the new outdoor scene.

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