6 Best Above Ground Pool Liners Reviews

best above ground pool linersIf your family has an outdoor above ground pool, you should think about installing pool liners. They determine the success or failure of the pool. Why is that?

Above ground pool liners act as a membrane to keep the water inside the prevent it from leakage. They cover the pool walls in a stylish pattern and help in maintaining the freshness of the pool. In an ideal condition, algae grow to affect the water’s hygiene. Liners in the pool help to avoid this issue.

Pool liners are available for all types of the pool from overlap pools, J-bead liner pools, J-hook liner pools to beaded liner track swimming pools. They have different designs and pattern to please everyone’s preference.

To choose the best above ground pool liners is no easy job. To determine a good pool liner is even more challenging. Inaccurate using may lead to damage and more cost to spend. I would like to share my industry insights to help you pick your most preferable above ground swimming pool liners.

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6 Best Above Ground Pool Liners Reviews on 2020

Smartline Bedrock 24-Foot Round LinerSmartline Bedrock 24-Foot Round Liner100% Virgin Vinyl
Swimline Round Boulder Swirl Beaded Pool LinerSwimline Round Boulder Swirl Beaded Pool LinerStandard gauge vinyl
Great Barrier Reef HD 24 ft Overlap Pool LinerGreat Barrier Reef HD 24 ft Overlap Pool LinerHigh grade vinyl
Swimline 24-Feet Round Swirl Bottom Overlap LinerSwimline 24-Feet Round Swirl Bottom Overlap LinerStandard gauge vinyl
24 Foot Overlap Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner24 Foot Overlap Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner25 gauge premium vinyl
Stoney Creek 3D 2 ft Round OverlapStoney Creek 3D 2 ft Round OverlapVinyl

1. Smartline Bedrock 24-Foot Round Liner

Smartline Bedrock 24-Foot Round Liner

Summer is near, and you don’t want to skip dipping into the pool with your households and friends. The Smartline Bedrock liner is there to make the fun even better.

Specs: This round shape liner has the heights of 48 inches and 52 inches with the gauge of 24 foot. 100% material used is from virgin vinyl which has been welded with lap welded seams. I believe the company has ensured their products are free of impurities.

Highlight features: The pleasing pattern of glistering water illustrated with pebbles and sea shelves at your feet. The product was hand-folded to avoid wrinkling.

The Lamiclear technology applies to provide the liner intentional durability. That feature enhances the liner’s resistance to abrasion, chemicals and UV fading.

Installing: According to the tutorial, you should leave it out in the sun 1 hour before installing. The process helps the liner to stretch as you add water.

Setting up by draping the liner over the pool and holding it in place with coping strips. This liner, in particular, doesn’t require a bead receiver.


  • 25-years limited warranty against defects in material and craft
  • Easy customer service
  • Quality material, well-constructed
  • Easy installing


  • Not budget
  • No coping strips included

2. Swimline Round Boulder Swirl Beaded Pool Liner

Swimline Round Boulder Swirl Beaded Pool Liner

Rocks always make any pool look more fantastic than a dull colour. This product is one of the pool liners for above ground pools that utilises the modest 3D printing technology to exemplify its pattern.

Specs: It stands 52 inches high for the sidewalls. The liner has the gauge of 25 which is commonly used in above ground beaded pool liners.

Highlight features: The material is from Lamiclear Process to provide ultimate chemical and UV protection. The seam construction is double-welded for endurance and resistance.

Installing: This pool product works as a beaded liner and a uni-bead liner. That way is convertible between a J-hook and a bead. The process of mounting should not take longer than 30 minutes.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Lamiclear Process to maximise protection in the outside environment
  • Reasonable price
  • Quick instalment


  • It does not come with beaded receivers
  • Some deliveries can have scratch or tear
  • Hard to fold back

3. Great Barrier Reef – HD 24 ft Overlap Pool Liner

Great Barrier Reef HD 24 ft Overlap Pool Liner

There is a time when you can bring the ocean to your outdoor above ground pool. Make it come true with this barrier reef liner to entertain your kids and family.

Specs: Similar to the Swimline Round Boulder Swirl Beaded Pool Liner, it measures 25 gauge. It is suitable for pools with depth ranging from 48 to 54 inches.

Highlight features: This liner undergoes a various producing process to maximise the tolerance to the harsh environmental condition. It is made from high grade swimming pool Vinyl and can endure regular exposure to hot sunlight and cold weather.

Your children will love the beautiful HD Exclusive graphic of abundant fish and turtles in barrier reef. The floor imitates sparkling sapphire for a better feeling in the oceanic scene. The darker colours absorb the sun’s warmth to the water faster than the ordinary light blue.

Installing: Overlap style. Written instruction comes in every pack. If you wish for more detail about how to install above ground pool liners, proceed to the internet search.


  • Economical price
  • Vibrant High Definition graphic for the impressive under the sea illustration
  • Good material in the severe weather
  • Free ship


  • Require concentration while cleaning
  • Some people don’t prefer the dark colour

4. Swimline 24-Feet Round Swirl Bottom Overlap Liner

Swimline 24-Feet Round Swirl Bottom Overlap Liner

If you are a person of tradition, and you want your pool to be in plain blue but not the mere dull blue, this can be one of the best above ground pool liners for you. And who said cheap above ground pool liners couldn’t be in high quality?

Specs: The liner is for pools with sidewalls from 48 to 52 inches high. Its 25 gauge is equal to 18 mil thickness. The material used is from standard gauge vinyl with a strong and double-welded seam.

Highlight features: If you think you can get discount above ground pool liners for good, get this one instead. Standard vinyl provides efficient protection against UV rays and chemicals. It has the vibrant swirl bottom design which is not blue all the way to the floor, so your pool will look more like it has tiles on the bottom.

Installing: Overlap method always makes it easy to get this liner held on the wall. The process will go smoothly with accurate measurements and sufficient tools


  • Easy to install
  • Low price
  • Convenient returning policy
  • Made in the USA


  • Medium quality
  • Only 15-years warranty

5. 24 Foot Overlap Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

24 Foot Overlap Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

People who yearn for quality will find this liner is of the most fabulous pool liners for above ground pools 24 round.

Specs: You pool wall should not exceed the height of 48, 52 and 54 inches, then the liner fits perfectly. The gauge is at 25 units with durable seam construction.

Highlight features: You can entrust this liner from the leading manufacturer in the industry. The craftsmanship is confident enough to offer 25 years of warranty. This liner is capable of fighting the extensive exposure to chemicals and UV sunlight to expanse its longevity. The ability to stand in the cold is also one top feature it owns.

The HD Blue Stone pattern is vibrant colour. It goes halfway down the wall; the bottom will be filled with shimmer dark stones.

Installing: You can equip this pool liner without help from a professional. Proper tools and precise measurements are all you need.


  • High quality and durable product
  • Top line craftsmanship
  • Beautiful design pattern
  • 25-years warranty


  • A bit out of the budget

6. Stoney Creek 3D 2 ft Round Overlap

Stoney Creek 3D 2 ft Round Overlap

We can’t expect a pool liner to last forever if it comes to a time you need a new pool liner, this Stoney Creek 3D design pad is an excellent replacement above ground pool liner.

Specs: The product fits the pool walls with heights of 48, 52 and 54 inches. It is built of lap seam construction and state of the art seaming. It is one of the doughboys above ground pool liners on the market that uses premium vinyl in manufacturing.

Besides, the liner has the thickness of 25 millimetres which is an ideal gauge for a pool liner.

Highlight features: Some people are obsessed with cobbles stones will prefer this liner. The pattern is in 3D for a more realistic and visual effect. When the water is clear, having a coating with the design on sides and bottom is way better than plain blue one.

The product contains material to avoid damage from the U.V. sun rays and swimming pool chemicals.

Installing: There is an instruction included in the delivery pack to ease your set up process. This liner uses overlap style to place on the pool wall. Plus, coping strips come with the full purchase so to save you time running to the store.


  • The product is free shipping
  • 25-years warranty
  • 3D realistic pattern
  • coping strips included
  • Affordable


  • Sometimes the company may ship the wrong cut liner
  • It can discolour by time

How To Find An Above Ground Pool Liners?

It is always frustrating when we come to shopping for everything, not just pool liner itself. Some questions dwell in your mind of how to pick the best one to fit every need. If you don’t know where to start, I have a few tips to help you figure out what to pay attention before purchasing an above ground pool liner.

Prior to the next content, I would like note that the thickness in pool liners is in gauge. This measurement is different from millimetre, though you can always get the units converted. Gauge is approximately 12% thicker than the millimetre.


Most pool liners are made from the vinyl sheet. This kind of stuff has the appropriate standard to stand outside in the rough weather and resistant to water. Some Intex pool liners for above ground pools are also available in the market. However, vinyl is more popular.

You may have heard of virgin vinyl. It is the term to indicate the purity of the material used. Sometimes, you can encounter foreign ingredient to lessen the cost of producing liners. The more percentage of vinyl, the thicker the liner is.

Types or liners

Overlap liners

This type is commonly used in most pool liners. This type requires plastic coping to lock the liner in place. For few using of equipment, this type is often more affordable than the next method I’m going to discuss.

Beaded liners

Bead liners

A beaded channel is there to attach the liners onto the swimming pool wall. They are various in size and vary in 3 subclasses:

  • J-hook or V-bead
  • EZ bead
  • Universal bead (uni-bead)


This factor matters the most when it comes to buying a pool liner. You need to know the precise dimensions of your pool to avoid false purchase. Measuring the diameter and height of the pool wall is necessary. The most common height measurements are at 48, 52, and 54 inches.


Focussing on the thickness of liners is essential. They classify in 2 classes: 20 and 25 gauge. The 20 gauge also means standard. While these two numbers don’t seem to be critical, it involves the quality of liners. The thinner one should last less than you can expect, but its durability replies on the material.


Liner can last about 10 years in average. However, vinyl liners can be punctured during regular use. The bad news is warranty no matter more than ten years won’t cover any problem out of the manufacturer’s defects. I guess in this case; the warranty isn’t something you need to pay attention.


It appears to me that pattern usually stands on top of priorities when I want to buy a new liner. Though the design doesn’t influence the liner’s function, it’s vital to our eyes. Pool liners have a large extent in designing. You can choose from the abundance of plain blue, dark, graphics of stones, tiles, or sea creatures.

The Instalment

It’s good to have a pool expert to do the setting up, but we can deduct the cost with a DIY project. Here are a few things to notice:

  • Plastic strips: to lock the excess liner to the top rail
  • Cove: the bottom part on the pool corner to give a nice slope
  • Gaskets: to skim particles inside the pool


It’s hard to say if there is any particular brand to be the best above ground pool liners. Whether you start building the pool or refresh it with a new liner, you’ve got the buying guide to ease your way. The above ground pool liners replacement cost can be in the budget if you make the wisest choice. Hope my writing is helpful

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