Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool 2020

Best Chlorine TabletsThe maintaining and caring for the swimming pool takes us lots of trials and practices. The chlorine tablets are produced to main the proper chemical balance of some products such as sanitizers, chlorine, and algae-killing solutions.

Choosing the best chlorine tablets can be a difficult task if you do not know about the use of them. But don’t worry, in this article, we shall give you a comprehensive review and guide to use these products. You can buy it anywhere near you like Amazon, Walmart shop.

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Best Chlorine Tablets Reviews 2020

Due to different chlorine costs and weights, we may get the comparison a little harder. To help you get easier to compare, we shall come up with the list of the best chlorine tablets by comparison of 7 different brands and models.

In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine TabletsIn The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 90% available chlorine
3" Chlorine Tablets are slow-dissolving and stabilized
8 oz. individually wrapped tablets in easy-open bags
99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione (Trichlor)
Perfect size for floaters or any automatic chlorine feeder
NAVA Chlorinating Tablets for Swimming Pool/SPANAVA Chlorinating Tablets for Swimming Pool/SPAbucket of 3-inch chlorinating tablets does the trick for a clean and clear pool or spa
Individually wrapped
Slow dissolve
Swim Best 50 lbs Bucket 3Swim Best 50 lbs Bucket 3 90% available chlorine
3" Chlorine Tablets are slow-dissolving and stabilized
8 oz. individually wrapped tablets in easy-open bags
99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione (Trichlor)
Star Plus 50-Pound Bucket of Swimming PoolStar Plus 50-Pound Bucket of Swimming Pool Includes one 50 lb bucket (Approximately 100 tablets)
For use in pools and spas
99% Trichloro-S-Trianzinetrione
Stabilized to protect potency
EPA approved formula
Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating TabletsKem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets Slow dissolving and concentrated for long lasting sanitation
Stabilized to reduce chlorine loss to the sun's UV rays
Maintains strong and steady chlorine residual
In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock - 24 X 1 lb. bagsIn The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock - 24 X 1 lb. bags Main active ingredient is 68% Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal-Hypo) for quick sanitizing
Dosage: 1 Pound per 10,000 gallons

1. In The Swim Chlorine Tablets – 3 Inch Pool

In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets
This product includes a rate of powerful 99% Trichlor-s-triazinetrione, and 90% stabilized chlorine. It comes in a perfect dosage set from each one to two tabs per 10K gallons of water for every seven days.

The tablets vary on the temperature of your pool and the sunlight for its proper work, and every bucket can contain 114 chlorine tablets.

This product is popularly advertised as the slowest dissolving chlorine and the best trichlor tablets for your work. It also has the long-lasting effect for protection.

The manufacturer provide product in waterproof and safely-locked up buckets to give the best protection. Besides, they put these tablets in a plastic bag before putting straight into the buckets. This helps you avoid making dust on your hands.


  • Dissolve evenly and slowly
  • Do a good job and are affordable
  • They are well-protected


  • They are very fragile

2. NAVA Chlorinating Tablets

NAVA Chlorinating Tablets for Swimming Pool/SPA
This product is manufactured in a 50 lbs pack and it can be used for an entire season. The most outstanding advantage of this chlorine product is that it is highly concentrated and it can clean up all the pool without any buildups or stains.

The price of this product is reasonable so that you can select them among other brands with ease. By three-inch tab wrapping, it can help the pool sanitized and dissolve slowly and remain long-lasting effect.


  • They are EPA approved
  • Don’t leave mineral buildup
  • They come in a well-sealed bucket


  • They crumble easily especially

3 Chlorine Tablets 50 lbs – Swim Best

Swim Best 50 lbs Bucket 3
These tabs will keep your pool clean and ready for use any time of the day. When you drop them into the pool, the chemical compound shall active and disinfect the water. They can work in all corners of your pool.

This product is not well-known for slow and steady dissolution capacity but it is highly concentrated to make maximum safety. They even do not stain your pool and make buildups.


  • Disinfect the water
  • They are very effective
  • Spread slowly and evenly across your pool


  • They are quite fragile

4. Star Plus 50-Pound Bucket

Star Plus 50-Pound Bucket of Swimming Pool
This Nava 50-pound bucket comes in 3-inch chlorine tabs which serve as the trick to clean up the pool and spa. They are individually wrapped that they can pour into the pool to gradually stabilize the chlorination in the pool.

Besides, this product can slowly dissolve so that the effect of water sterilization can remain. It can be used in many swimming pools with different dimensions, especially above ground pools.


  • They can disinfect the pool water well
  • Reasonable price


  • A little bit difficult to calculate the amount

5. Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets

Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets
These tablets are used to stabilize and minimize the chlorine loss. It consists of 95% Trichloro-s-triazinetrione and 85.5% active chlorine.

Besides, it is manufactured in the one-inch cube that it can be used effectively to maintain the steady and strong level of chlorine.

They are also convenient and fit to your chlorinators or floaters. They are suitable for the above-surface or inflatable level of the swimming pools.


  • They are perfect for small pools
  • Don’t decay easily
  • Offer value for your money


  • They don’t work well for hot tubs

6. In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock

In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock - 24 X 1 lb. bags
The outstanding feature of this product is reliability and ease of use. They also consist of active ingredient that is Potassium Mono Persulfate. This ingredient counts for 50% of the content of the product.

By active chemicals in the ingredients, it can help to remove developing algae and harmful viruses or bacteria in the pool.

By removing dead chlorine cells, this product is also used when you need to shock your pool. Them it can improve the condition of the swimming pool water.


  • The shock eliminates the growth of virus, bacteria, and algae
  • It works to sterilize water with bromine
  • You can use your pool immediately


  • It cannot improve the chlorine level

7. CLOROX Pool and Spa Acrive99 3-Inch

CLOROX Pool and Spa Acrive99 3-Inch
This product can immediately prevent the development of bacteria, algae, and viruses in the swimming pool. Your pool can be saved in clean condition and ready for swim 24/7.

With the active chemicals and proper proportion, these tabs can be used every week in the skimmer, floater or feeder to clean up the pool.

These tables also help the last-long effects when working under the sunlight with harmful UV rays.

This product is the good means to improve the condition of the swimming pool with the content of 99% active Trichloro-s-triazinetrione.

Remember to avoid skin and eyes irrigation, strictly avoid to touch these tablets when you drop them into the swimming pool. You can use other tools to contain it to help you pool down onto the pool.


  • Kill bacteria and remove algae
  • Work under the sun
  • They improve the health and condition of your pool


  • They aren’t effective in removing black algae

8. hth Chlorine Tablets – Sanitizer 3″ 4-in-1 (42010)

hth Chlorine Tablets Sanitizer 3htc chlorinating tablets super 3 inch for swimming pools.

How to use:

Place one tablet in pool feeder, floater or skimmer per 10,000 gallons of water every week or as often as need to maintain a chlorine residual of 1-4 ppm. Do not add directly to the pool as this can cause damage to pool surfaces. Be sure to run the pump at least 8 to 10 hours per day. Test pH and chlorine levels at least two or three times per week and adjust as needed.

  • Kills bacteria and algae
  • 1 tablet treats 10,000 gallons for up to 1 week
  • Sun protected for longer chlorine life
  • Can be used in feeders, floaters and skimmers
  • Clarifies pool water
  • Compatible with salt pools


  • Kill bacteria and remove algae
  • They work under the sun
  • Improve the health and condition of your pool


  • They aren’t effective in removing black algae

Why have to use Chlorine Tablets?

When there is unbalanced of pH level in the pool, you may face up to chlorine problem that your swimming pool looks dirty and corroded. In this case, you may even get eyes and skin irritation. Using chlorine tablets can make your pool clean.

Chlorine tablets are the form of chlorine you need to use for your swimming pool. They are in cube-shaped and very simple to add to the pool. After pouring into the swimming pool, it can spread out easily to kill types of bacteria.

Types of Chlorine Tablets

Before choosing the best chlorine tablets for your pool, you should know that there are two major kinds of these products. They are the stabilized and un-stabilized chlorine tablets. The former is suitable for outdoor while the later one is perfect for indoor pools.

The power of stabilized tablets is longer-lasting than the un-stabilized one. The former is exposed to the sunlight to clean the pool better (the larger areas of exposure, the better).

In contrast, the un-stabilized ones can’t work well because their power decreases when exposed to the sunlight.

When is the best time for chlorination?

Many experts recommend that we should use chlorination in the evening or at night. The reason is that in the absence of the sunlight, the chlorine can prolong its duration to work and kill viruses or bacteria than in daylight.

The stabilized chlorine can make up some shield to work against the harsh sun rays, but not entirely. This is why it’s ideal for you to add chlorine tablets to the pool at night.

Benefits of Adding Chlorine Tablets

Why do chlorine tablets can work well to kill or eliminate viruses and bacteria for cleaning your pool? Let’s check out following their benefits.

Easy to Use

Your swimming pool can be covered all with this type of self-spreading tablet and a pump. Unlike other sprinkling liquid and powder, this product can work well for a long time. You don’t need to buy frequently because of its big size package.

Easily spread

As said above, these chlorine tablets can spread themselves to save your effort and time. In contrast, other forms of chlorine you have to spend much effort to cover and check manually.

Easy to Measure

You can easily estimate how much you need for your pool because these products come in the form of tablets. Hence, you also do not need to measure them by weights or mix with anything.

You only need to take the right number of tablets as a recommendation from the manufacturer. Then, you drop these cube tablets into your pool and let them work by themselves.

Best Pool Chlorine Tablets: How to choose?

You should keep these four factors in mind when choosing the proper chlorine tablets. These factors can help you task become simple and straightforward.

Calculate Chlorine Demand

It’s very important for you to use the proper amount of chlorine for your pool.


Adding too little chlorine can cause to the fact that some of the bacteria, viruses, and scum are still alive. Adding too much chlorine cause you much and make your pool water cloudy as well as create the adverse impact on your pool equipment.

You can calculate the amount of chlorine depending on the size and shape of the pool as well as the amount of water inside it. Besides, you can invest a good quality digital meter for accurate measuring.

Understand Chemistry

The main ingredient of all cleaning chemical products is either Trichloros Triazinetrione or trichlor. By combining these main chemicals with other types of sub-chemicals, manufacturers can increase the lifetime and longevity of the tablets.

These chemicals can make the tablets long-lasting by the effect of slowing down the release of chlorine. They can also increase their potency to fight against algae.

Price by Quantity

Using chlorine tablet properly is the task of determining right amounts. Thus, you can make your overall pool maintenance become an easy task because of these tablets. While they consist of many different components, they are still cheap.

There are many products for you to choose now. But remember to compare the different tablet prices according to your demands of quantity. This is because some manufacturers offer higher volume than others.

How to Use Chlorine Tablets For Your Pool?

It’s very important for you to properly add these products to the swimming pool by keeping in mind these approaches.

Directly sprinkling into the pool

Firstly, it is the easiest method for you to do at any time. You only need wear gloves and glasses to avoid accidents. Then gradually and directly sprinkle the products into the pool.

Next step, you have to measure the water volume in the swimming to use the proper amount of tablets. One use one tab for the 5k gallon or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Due to the disadvantage of the spreading manually along the pool, it may be a hard task for you to complete. Besides, it is also difficult to calculate the exact level of chlorine output.

Use of Chemical Dispenser (Floater)

You can add the tablets into the chemical dispenser or floaters. Firstly, you can open the floater, add the tablets and let it 10 minutes to dissolve. Then, you use gloves to spill chlorine pucks into the pool.

When using this approach, there is a small problem that the product will dissolve in the pool and might breach the wall or liner. In some cases, the dispenser (floater) doesn’t allow the water to flow through to work.

Use of skimmers

You also need to use the pump when dissolving this chemical in a while to remove the aimed species. Wearing gloves, glasses are a must for you to prevent the eyes and skin irritation.

Firstly, you need to start your pool’s pump and let it wait for operation on for about 10 minutes to remove the air left inside. Then, you remove the skimmer and container of the chlorine.

Slowly pour down the product into the skimmer so that the compound can’t spill out into the pool. You have to check to make sure that the filter still works together to let the water swiftly over the tablets.

Finally, let the skimmer work for about 2 hours, and then you can use your swimming pool. When turning off the pump, you have to always take out the chlorine containers.

Use of Automatic Chlorinator

The automatic chlorinator can be an effective approach for you to add these sterilization products to the pool. Your task is use the right amount of chlorine into the swimming pool and set the chlorinator.

Use tablets every two days depending on the situation of your pool. Furthermore, you can use a timer to set up at each time of pump working as a calculator to dissolve the tablets.

This approach is the best way for you to add chlorine to the swimming pool. It can help you save time because it can liberate huge amounts of chlorine to go out at once.

Final thought

Using chlorine tablets is now more and more popular for the task of cleaning and sterilization of the pool. It behaves to be an effective and cost-saving method for many users.

The best chlorine tablets shall keep your pool water always stay clean without affecting your budget. The much more time you can save, the easier your life will be. In short, these pool tablets keep your pool clean and safe at reasonable prices without much effort.

Hope that by comparing the best seven chlorine tablet products in the market nowadays, you can save your money to select the proper product for your purpose and use.

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