Best Pool Alarm Reviews

best pool alarmBasically, the best pool alarm will alert you whenever someone enters the pool (including move the cover, open the gate and touch the surface of the pool). It will warn you right on time when your pet or your children accidentally fall into the pool.

It even supports you from a legal aspect when an intruder gets to enter your pool! There are also a lot more benefits it can bring to your home!

And, with these great protections of this special pool guard, now you and your beloved family will fully enjoy the pool!

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Best Pool Alarm Reviews 2020 – Top Picks

1. Best Wireless Pool Door Alarm – Safety Turtle 2.0

New Safety Turtle 2.0 Child Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit - 2 wristbands
Safety Turtle 2.0 is the newest version of personal immersion pool alarms by RJE Technologies, Inc.

Being famous for the high portability, the alarm is flexible to bring and use whenever your family go on a vacation or just using the backyard pool. It works well in freshwater, but may be ineffective in salt-water pool and completely turn off in the ocean.

It is small, usable for both human and animal, and requires no setup. One safety turtle base station can support many wristbands and pet collars. If there is no electrical station available, it can be powered by USB cord plugged into a computer.


  • Smaller, streamlined portable base station
  • Immediate based station alarms
  • No setup or installation
  • Use for both people and pets
  • Portable and easy to pack
  • Able to use in all sizes of pools or spas


  • Expensive (cost $150 for Safety Turtle base and 1 wristband, the price for an additional wristband is over $50)
  • Ineffective in salt water
  • Some incorrect alert recorded

2. Poolguard Pool Alarm – PGRM-2 In-Ground

Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm
Be tampered proof and always on alarm mode, this alarm cannot be deactivated and only go off when it is out of the water.

If you choose to use it to your pool, you can just simply put it in the pool and it will automatically go sleep when removed from the water.

The device also has a 200-feet remote receiver with a low battery indicator. The battery used for the remote is the 9-volt type.


  • Work well without a solar cover
  • Sit nicely on the poolside as long as you have pool deck surface
  • Latest sensing technology which reduces the level of false alarms (of rain, wind or other objects)


  • Go off easily (and automatically), hard to put the alarm on or remove it without triggering it
  • Cannot adjust the sensitivity
  • Need to secure to avoid immersion (the device is not waterproof)

3. Best Pool Door Alarm – Poolguard DAPT2

Poolguard Pool Door Alarm - DAPT-2
This pool guard for door alarm will alert you within 7 seconds after the entryways to the pool is opened.

This is also the only door alarm listed under UL 2017 for water hazard alarm equipment. The way to deactivate the alarm is to reset the device by an adult.

It also has a feature to auto-recognize adults and allows them to pass through without setting off the alarm. It also has a low battery indicator.


  • No false alarms
  • Potted circuit board
  • Very easy to use
  • Nice place on the side of your pool
  • ​Safe to use
  • No need to drill a hole in the pool deck


  • Limited protection (when the gate is opened)
  • Ineffective use if having more than two entrances to the pool

4. Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm

Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm
The alarm is specifically designed to monitor the pool entrance.

The 110 dB alarm sound is activated automatically when the magnetic contact is broken.

To keep the alarm doesn’t go off, you have to press the “bypass” button. Right after you press the “bypass” button before entering, you have to quickly close the door behind you before the alarm turns off.

The alarm has two sensors, which means you can open the glass door while keeping closes the screen doors without deactivating the alarm.


  • Easy to access
  • Friendly with children
  • Flexible entry


  • Easy to be deactivated from outside
  • Require mounting skills in advance

5. Above Ground Pool Alarm – PoolEye Brand

PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm
This is the pool alarm system to buy, fully equipped with affordable price.

The best thing is that it is an adjustable sensitivity model. It is perfect for avoiding false alerts. Until now, it is agreed by many users as an ideal pool alarm, which is easy to set up, flexibility to adjust and work smoothly for years.

It can be recommended as the best above ground pool alarm ever. You have to screw it on the side of the above ground pool and then but the work doesn’t need a lot of effort.

Adjustable is the key factor of the device, no one like the loud alarms (some can be really irritating) and an audible alarm seems to catch customer attention at first sight.

The disadvantage is that it does not have a secondary alarm, which means you have to get the alert far from your house (from the pool).

The model consumes AA batteries – a common type of battery, which is easy and cheap to replace.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast setting up
  • Audible feature


  • Lacks of secondary alarm

Why Should You use A Pool Alarm?

According to recent studies, there are 400 under-five-years-old children drowning each year.

Almost a thousand kids, at any age, accidentally fall into the pool each year.

For this reason, now, many states require alarms on all swimming pools, for example, Connecticut, New York, Tennessee, and California.

7 year ago, Tennessee published a “Katie Beth’s Law” – a pool alarm law – after a tragic drowning of a little girl, Katie Beth Burk, a state senator’s great-granddaughter.

As the law issued, every residential (and spa) swimming pool, which is deeper than 36” within the state must install an alarm. It must be able to sense any object larger than 15 lbs falling into the water’s surface.

The pool owners also provide a posted sign with the content of “State Law Requires a Pool Alarm to Be Installed”. This law is applied to all residents and hot tubs.

How To Choose Your Right Type of Pool Alarm

types of pool alarm
Many states require alarms on all swimming pools

There are various types of pool alarms for your choice, but basically, it depends on what you are looking for your pool!

Here is what I pick up over years of researching.

You may need more than one alarms for the pool, one is a gate alarm (or door alarm for the poo) and the others are wristband alarm for extra precaution.

There are three categories to look for when you choose a proper pool guard:

Pool Entry Alarms

Like its name, the alarm will alert whenever someone (or something) enters the pool or fall down into the water.

Surface sensor alarms

These alarms are installed to float on the pool’s surface and sense any movements or falls into the pool.

The surface wave sensor feature can be adjusted for level of sensitivity. Which means the alarm will not alert you a leaf falling into the water, but only something larger than 15 pounds disturbing the water!

Sub-surface Alarms

This type of alarm senses the motion-activated waves, caused by the change in pressure below the water’s surface.

Being mounted to the underwater wall, the alarm uses magnetic sensors and able to reliably detect any motion in the water.

Moreover, the alarm also is considered the most consistently reliable types (based on the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission – CPSC – study).

However, the problem of the alarm is that it cannot be activated till an object (a pet or even, a child) falls into the pool. When the light debris or wind moves the water also active the sensitive model and alert your motivation.

Wristband Alarms

Wristband alarm
Wristband alarm

Wristband (or user-entry) is an alarm placed on the wrist of a child with a key lock.

The alarm will activate when the child’s wrist get wet and alert when their entire body dipped into the water.

The advantage of this alarm is that it can be equipped exactly on the child’s body when they are not allowed to enter the pool.

However, it can have mishaps.

It alerts whenever the kids get wet and are unable to protect them (or notify you) if they take it off.

Gate alarms

Pool door alarm is attached to the gate and uses the magnetic sensor to warn when someone opens the gate.

The biggest advantage of this type is that it will not be deactivated while swimming like two above alarms and will alert you when the pool gate is open, allow you more time to react with the situation.

The problem is when the gate already opened (be left open accidentally) or someone climbs the fence, this alarm sensor will not work and unable to alert if someone enters.

How To Select A Pool Alarm For Your Family?

There are a few considerations you must care about when choosing the best fit for your family.

Here is what the experts recommend:

Some recent reviews did point out the top 2 considerations including the features and sensor method.

Install multiple sensors in your pool area, which will effectively protect your beloved children (especially the small ones) away from the dangerous water.


There is a ton of different features, shapes, and sizes for pool guard products.

However, the most basic model includes a disable button and the adjustment option for the sensor’s sensitivity.

Some alarms can auto-deactivated when lifted out of the water.

Other advanced features can be named as the auto-increasing the alarm’s sensitivity as the level of water increased or when the alarm is on the pool’s surface.

Sensor Technology

It is also the most important feature of an alarm.

Each type of alarm is equipped with a different sensor technology. The gate alarms are accompanied by a magnetic sensor which only activates when the gate is opened.

The in-ground pool alarms are designed to sense any movement of the water. The sensitive sensors range from detecting any single disturbance in the water to detect only a certain amount of weight falls into the water.

The better the technology, the more control you will have over the sensor.

Placement Options

Now is time for you to decide where do you want to place your alarm, at your gate, on your pool, or both?

For installing gate alarms, you may get a notification whenever your children get to enter the pool area, rather than when they have fallen in the pool.

It is effective when you only have one entrance to the pool. However, if you leave the pool’s gate open (accidentally), the alarm will go disable!

For installing the alarm, you have to place it on the side of the pool and the sensor will sense any movement of the water and water’s surface.

It means that you may get alert when something (or someone) falls in, but it is possible for false alerts and it also cost more than a gate pool alarm.

On the other hand, buoy pool alarms go floating on the water’s surface and sound when the water moves (or disturbed).

However, strong winds also move the water and cause the wrong alerts!

It seems to be a wise choice for your family to have both gate and pool type, especially for those having small children or pets.


The last considering factor is the price.

The gate alarm seems to be the most affordable option. However, it is not the greatest protection choice.

The higher sensitive sensor technology provides, the higher the price it can be! However, money is not all; remember that you are choosing a living alarm for your family

The main purpose of the alarm is to keep your beloved away from the water dangerous and keep the trespassers away from your pool.

Considering some pool alarm reviews with your particular situation (and your pool, of course), you can list out a number of features that suit your specific needs and set priority for them to see what will work best to your pool.

In case that you need more information for considering what is the best fit for your pool, here is our list of choice for the top pool alarms.

The below products are alarmed we recommend, but you can keep researching to find out what is ideal for your specific needs.

Which is for you?

All mentioned the best pool alarm systems are reviewed and sell on both and, hope that it will be helpful for your decision and helps you and your family fully enjoy the pool.

Once you have your best aquaguard, you will always have peace of mind knowing that your beloved children are protected!

When it comes to the safety problem, caution comes first. Nowadays, we have several pool protection systems (from the very basic to the sliding or the latest wireless alarms) in the market, but exercising caution will always be a must.

Our advice is combining several kind of pool guard and having a pool test kit at home for the maximum protection. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

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