Best Pool Skimmer Reviews

best pool skimmerThe clean surface of the pool without leaves and garbage always attracts the attention of visitors. But how to protect such freshness of the swimming pool? This article shall help you choose the best pool skimmer for your demand.

It is very convenient to use skimmers for pools – these simple devices suck water from the top layers of the pool. This process helps collect debris, leaves, and bugs in the swimming pool. All trash is in a special shavings basket, allowing you to clean the pool.

To maintain the water balance, remove stain and chemicals in the pool, the pool skimmer is the necessary apparatus for you to carry out pool maintenance

There are many types of automatic and manual skimmers as well as surface cleaners. With the suggestion of the best swimming pool skimmers selections today, your pool shall look more beautiful. First of all, let’s see how the market of pool skimmers is varied.

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Best Pool Skimmer Reviews on Amazon

1. Automatic Pool Skimmer – SkimmerMotion Up to 8 Ft

Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer, and Clarifier
This automatic skimmer is easy to use and can be used both in-ground and above the ground pools. The SkimmerMotion is designed, patented and made in the USA with compatible functions in electric devices.

With the whirlpool suction power, it can remove all debris and particles which are smaller than 1 inch in the pool surface without using the cleaning chemicals. Also, this skimmer also automatically moves in parallel with the bottom of the vacuum cleaner to cover the entire pool surface.


  • Easy to install and use
  • >Collecting all tiny particles and debris
  • Covering the entire pool surface
  • Combining to use with Pool cleaner or robot


  • The skimmer motion will periodically tangle with crawler vacuum hose
  • High cost

2. PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner
As its name, this pool skimmer functions as the equipment to collect the debris and trash of the pool as well as serves as the pool cleaner. It connects to a threaded return jet with a standard 1 and ½ inch width. It is located on the side in the pool where the pool uses the water returning to create a suction to collect all debris.

All leaves, insects, debris, trash, grass, pollen and even dust shall be drawn to the Pool Skim which serves as the magnet to collect. This function is considered as the patented design of the PoolSkim. In comparison with another automatic skimmer, this device characterizes with super debris removal capability and durability.

With qualified polyurethane material and PVC pipe, this skimmer shall last season after season. The floating design as a hat can self-adjust to skim effectively even when there is heavy rain. It is designed to suit both in-ground and above-ground, vinyl, concrete or fiberglass pools.


  • Safe and efficient
  • Ability to self-adjust to water level
  • The simple and easy operation principle
  • Flexible design and adaptability
  • Reduce workload for filtration system thanks to a typical skimmer basket clogs


  • Can get sunk into the water and shut off due to external impact
  • High cost

3. Above Ground Pool Skimmer – Intex Pool Skimmer

INTEX Deluxe Wall Mount Swimming Pool Surface Skimmer
With Easy SetTmi, this metal frame can easily mount to the pool sidewall with an adjustable bracket and connect to a filter pump for automatic operation.

The Intex pool skimmer is one of the market’s best above ground pool skimmer, it draws surface water via a strainer basket to automatically catch leaves and other debris before sinking into the bottom of the pool. Thanks to durable polypropylene plastic, the strainer basket can pull out for easy cleaning.

Easy SetTM and Intex filter pump shall allow the minimum flow rate of 800 mph (3,028 L/hr). A 1&1/2 inch threaded outflow return jet helps water flow back into pool automatically and can self-adjust to water level.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Affordable and deserved to invest
  • Famous brand with high security


  • Due to simple design and constitution, efficiency is not high

4. Dunnrite Hydro-Net Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer

Dunnrite Hydro-Net Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer
With Dunnrite Hydro-net, this skimmer shall be a joy for you. This product consists of a speedy boat construction with a remote control for a maximum length of about 100 ft. As the best thing, this skimmer can operates non-stop for 5 hours before exhausting the battery.

Thanks to NI-MH battery and charger, this skimmer offers a long time of operation, saves you a lot of energy and becomes a great device for pools.


  • Has a remote control
  • Great design
  • Enjoyable to use


  • Not durable

5. Solar Pool Skimmer – Breeze Cleaner NX Cleaning Robot

Solar Breeze - Automatic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner NX Cleaning Robot
This pool skimmer is the new 3-in-1 pool cleaner model. By using free solar energy, this skimmer works almost around the clock to collect trash and debris with efficiency up to 90-95% of waste.

The fine mesh filter helps to remove bugs and dust, and a 3-inch trichlor tablet allows the solar robot to clean the debris before they have a chance to sink into the bottom.

This solar robotic pool cleaner uses solar energy from the sun. The maximum operation time per day in the mid-summer is about 23.5 hours.


  • Remove up to 90-95% of debris
  • Durable and high efficiency
  • Solar powered, save energy


  • Restricted use in rainy days
  • Not strong motor

6. Floating Pool Skimmer – Gator AutoSkim

Gator AutoSkim - Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer & Clarifier - Suction Skimmer for Pools
This skimmer can move randomly along the pool surface to collect leaves and debris. By simply connection ability to 2 or 3 segments of pool hose from the Automatic Pool Cleaner, this skimmer can operate effectively at all water levels.

Thanks to the optimal design, this product can move randomly along the pool surface to clean trash with an automatic suction. This skimmer can work well at all types or shape of the pool, in vinyl, fiberglass or concrete pools with both types that are above and below ground.


  • Optimal to use in all types of pool
  • Easy and convenient
  • High efficiency


  • Too expensive for investment

Types of Pool Skimmers

It’s necessary to consider the forms of swimming pool you own before choosing the pool skimmers available on the market now. Two types of swimming pools:

Above ground pools

This type of pool require the pool skimmer with a safety cover. Of course, the way the pool skimmer interacts with the pool and the pump differs to the skimmer used for an in-ground pool. Above ground pools usually use a skimmer with bolts and screws.

In-ground Pools

In-ground pool skimmers are mostly attached to the side of the pool and located below the water surface level. When the circulation of water drains through the skimmer, all debris and trash are filtered and removed.

How Many Types of Pool Skimmers?

Let’s explore about three main basic types of pool skimmers which become great choices for both in-ground and above ground swimming pools:

Manual Skimmers

A manual skimmer consists of a fine pool skimmer net which is attached to a pole. This manual skimmer doesn’t need electricity to operate. It only requires a hose connecting to the pool pump and an outlet system. So, it offers the function of suction to filter the trash when you use to move it around the pool to collect large floating particles.

Automatic Skimmers

The automatic skimmer is equipped with a pump inlet in the pool. When a hose sucks water, small propellers and paddles shall move the tool surrounding the surface of the pool. Most auto skimmers constitute the randomized movements to avoid getting stuck in one place of the pool.

Self-Contained Skimmers

One more new type of skimmer is a sunlight-powered skimmer. It is harnessed on a built-in panel. Of course, this new equipment requires the sunlight to operate. It converts the solar energy into the power to movement, filtering of small and large particles.

Thanks to the new technology of solar energy utilization, this type is much more expensive than the other 2 categories. It also helps you save 65% percent of your energy for the pump operation.

How to Choose The Best Pool Skimmer Before Buying?

Before choosing a pool skimmer, you might learn a lot about different types of pool skimmers from various manufacturers. You might get difficulties in determining what types of pool skimmers suit you best. And, there are also many other reasons that you should understand and know the features to look for the swimming pool skimmer.

Price and material

The cost of the skimmer depends on the material, manufacturer, equipment and specifications. Skimmers made of stainless steel are always more expensive than plastic models. The most common manufacturers of skimmers for the pool are the following companies:

Kripsol is a well-known Spanish brand, producing medium-sized equipment. Water purification equipment in the tank of this company is made of qualified ABS plastic.

PROCOPI is a French manufacturer working for the average consumers. The company manufactures plastic engineering equipment with super durable characteristics.

PAHLEN – expensive skimmers from Swedish. All equipment is made of special alloy steel, giving them a unique durability. The PAHLEN filters are equipped with a complete set of screws, sealing gaskets and additional elements.

Intex- an American company. This wall mounted skimmer is made of polypropylene plastic and usually attached to the filter pump. Thus, this brand offers an acceptable price for its products.

Besides, there are many cheap skimmers from China and Turkey brands. They are usually made from cheap plastic, quickly losing its beauty and performance.


Base on the specifications publicized by the manufacturer, you can see the materials of the products and its review before purchasing.

The material used to build up the skimmers leads to their functionality and durability. The plastic material needs to be heavy duty and sturdy. Some more critical items that you should consider are frames, mesh, and poles.

With the simple design, the skimmer racket should be made of plastic that is tied to the bottom mesh bag. The plastic frame of the racquet is made of hard plastic, not too crispy, so it can withstand a strong impact, smooth shade without peeling the outer coating, with extreme resistance to pool chemicals..

Ease of Installation

It is so easy to use the manual pool skimmer; however, you are recommended to study the installation of auto pool skimmers before purchasing.

For a manual skimmer, it is made up of plastic material and has a metal bucket, which is connected to the pipe to collect water. On the side of the outer wall, you can find a window equipped with a floating gate. The feature of the operation is quite simple.

Follow is our suggestions on the top rated pool skimmers on the market today.

What Are the Standard Working Principles of The Kinds of Skimmers?

A pool skimmer works and draws in water from the swimming pool’s surface, where most debris and contaminants, such as hair, body oils, sunscreen and dwell. A skimmer is often designed to cover the top of about 1/3 inch of from the water surface. Its suction power is so light that you might not clearly recognize its operation.

There is an essential element integrated into this tool, it is a hanging door. This door serves as a floating barrier to remove the trash and maximize the collection of contaminants from the pool. This floating barrier also ensures the garbage not to get out of the skimmer.

Besides, almost skimmers are equipped with collection baskets, suction pipe. And one more critical component that is equalizer line. This component helps prevent the skimmer from sucking air when the level of water reduces.

Final thoughts

Using the advanced filtration system and the new technology of pool skimmer for swimming pool aims to get high benefits and efficiency for users. The high-quality filter without piping to ensure that finishing the water filtration system for swimming pool becomes simpler and more comfortable.

We don’t need to use a piping system to help complete the swimming pool water filtration system. Thus, we can get the cost savings for the construction process, the ability to save electricity effectively to improve the value of the swimming pool.

The choice of using a non-pipeline pool skimmer shall help eliminate the need for a technical room to operate the water purification system to improve the quality of the pool space.

We hope that all the above suggestions on the best pool skimmer products shall help you to get the ideal pool skimmer for improving your living space. Then, we can get the comfort and satisfaction by saving time and cost with pool skimmers.

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