Best Pool Test Kit to Protect Your Pool

best pool test kitSummer comes. Let’s swim!It is great when taking a dip in the pool to escape the heat of summer days. But before starting your brilliant swimming exercises, you need to make sure the safety of your pool.

In this case, why don’t use the best pool test kit? You can exactly know the balance of chemicals in your swimming pool through the quality test kits.

And of course, if you want to get the excellently work kit, you must seriously invest. Know how to choose one and what to be the best kit. Don’t hesitate! We will begin the search right now.

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Best Pool Test Kit Reviews of 2020

You’d just as soon get the best pool water test kit as save your budget. No problem! We have found the proper products list to introduce to you. Just below!

1. Poolmaster 22260 5-Way Swimming Pool

Poolmaster 22260 5-Way Swimming Pool
You are looking for the useful solution to maintain the proper level of chemicals in your pool.

Well, a good suggestion for you:

The 22260 5-Way Pool Test Kit from Poolmaster provides a variety of testing options.

  • Built-in with the plastic material
  • Allow you to test pH, total alkalinity, chlorine, acid demand, and bromine
  • Not only have the integrated color chips but also involve the round test block to help you match colors exactly
  • Have equipped a polyethylene case

The Poolmaster 22260 is said to servicing the helpful water chemistry.

It provides up 5 solutions numbered from 1 to 5. The #1-#3 solutions are approximately 1oz while the #4-#5 ones are only 1/2oz.

They are equivalent to 5 tests:

Bromine, Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, and Acid Demand.

Not only that, to make sure the accuracy, the manufacturer has added the color scales to this kit.

Keep in mind,

This polyethylene case needs to be used and stored in a dry and cool condition.

After all, you do not meet any difficulty when using. The item comes with the instructions. You just need to follow the steps. So simple!


  • Enough chemicals to last a busy pool season
  • The instruction provided is very clear
  • A nice box to keep everything organized
  • You can buy replacement chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • Great price


  • Don’t include the slot behind to place the white background
  • The bottles are not water-proof

2. Taylor Pool Test Kit – Technologies INC K-2006

Your need is the sanitizer tests to desire to get the standard measure.

Don’t have to find further! The Taylor Technologies INC K-2006 is ideal enough.


  • Have equipped the Taylor 9058 comparator
  • Provide 0.75 ounces of the reagents
  • Being the K-2006 model
  • Enable testing pH, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Total and Combined Chlorine, and Alkalinity

Coming to the Taylor K-2006, you will get titrations.

This one helps you reject the problems related to color-matching.

With that being said,

This Taylor pool test kit has completed with FASDPD bromine test for total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and acid-base demand.

Nonetheless, don’t mistake them with the OT method through distinguishing between the total chlorine and free available chlorine to read exactly.


  • It is easy to use
  • Precisely determine chlorine levels
  • The case is durable
  • DPD powder for better accuracy
  • The instructions are clear
  • Work well


  • It is not really effective if you use for a saltwater spa
  • The dropper bottle is pretty small

3. Best Digital Pool Test Kit – LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro7

LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro7 Pool Water Test Kit
A digital pool tester is up-and-coming. Ensure that you will get the most convenience.

If desired to know,

Just to clarify the LaMotte 2056 Pool Water Test Kit:

  • Have equipped a photometer that helps to read the digital test results
  • Provide a carrying case
  • Include 7 testing options
  • Utilize tables for Cyanuric Acid while the rest factors will use liquid reagents

All things considered,

The 2056 pool test kit from LaMotte is an optimal option to maintain your pool.

Aside from a photometer that offers a digital reading, the housing is also designed with the water-proof ability.

Plus 7 various options of testing:

Total chlorine, PH, calcium hardness, bromine, free chlorine, cyanuric acid, and alkalinity.

It makes sure that the water in your pool has effectively balanced.

Arguably, this kit brings the need-like precision. Except for cyanuric acid applying tablets, the remaining factors use liquid reagents.


  • The testing is very simple
  • Have a convenient carrying case
  • Exact enough to skip the pool store
  • The instructions are easy to read and reference
  • Keep the pool in perfect balance
  • Don’t require guessing or comparing colors


  • You must complete all the tests to get to what you want
  • The case is not waterproof

4. Taylor Service K-2006C Complete

Taylor Service K-2006C Complete Pool Water Test Kit
Another Taylor pool test kit, the Taylor Service K-2006C, is very enjoyable; thanks to the great features that it brings.

How is it good?

  • Offer the reagents bottles ~ 2 oz
  • Provide a myriad of testing options
  • Include the instructions, a water-proof chemistry guide, and a printed color comparator
  • Being the K-2006C

The Taylor Service K-2006C kit is a suitable selection for the health department, service techs, and commercial pool business.

Foremost, there is an easy-to-use design. With the 2-oz reagent bottles, you only need to drop them.

In this way, you do not have to worry about over-treating your pool.

The next is a range of tests that you can use:

Bromine, free and total chlorine, PH, total alkalinity, acid and base demand, stabilizer levels, and calcium hardness.

All promise to provide the fast and precise results every when using.


  • Ease in use
  • The instructions are clear
  • The results are quite consistent and accurate
  • Nice carrying case
  • Keep the pool in the proper balance


  • Expensive a bit
  • Need lots of labor

5. Taylor Deluxe K-2005 DPD Water Test

Taylor Deluxe K-2005 DPD Water Test Kit
The Taylor test kits used for the pool rarely make the consumers disappointed.

They highly appreciate the quality that this brand brought.

One of them is the Deluxe K-2005 DPD Water Test, which provides outstanding characteristics:

  • Utilize the printed color standards to ensure the accuracy
  • Provide a high-range kit
  • Consist of 9 different tests
  • Attach the reagent bottles ~ ¾ ounce

Being a High Range kit, the Taylor Technologies K2005 is an ideal selection for the spas as well as the commercial pools.

The whole kit utilizes the standards for the printed colors, chlorine – 0.5-5 ppm, PH – 7.0-8.0, bromine – 1-10 ppm include.

No 6 or 7 tests! It has up to 9 testing options:

Calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, bromine, total chlorine, PH, acid demand, total alkalinity, free chlorine, and base demand.

Obviously, this is a sufficient-good product to maintain the safety of your pool.


  • The reasonable price
  • The results are very precise and quick to perform
  • Keep a pool properly balanced
  • The instructions are helpful
  • Very convenient carry handheld


  • Hard to discriminate chlorine/bromine color scale
  • It seems too technical for simple users

6. HTH 1173 6-Way Pool Test Kit

HTH 1173 6-Way Pool Test Kit
Not only need you the quality but also concern the paying budget.

It’s okay! The HTH 1173 pool test kit is to meet your demand.

How did it work?

  • Allow you to test PH, total hardness, cyanuric acid, total chlorine, bromine, and total alkalinity
  • Likely test up to 100 times
  • Test your pool water to swim app
  • Provide the HTH shock to keep your pool clean and clear

Even from the name, you have up to 6 ways to test. No more and no less!

After testing, you can base on an additional chart to determine the balance of the water in your pool.

In addition to that, to prevent your pool from the weather damage. Have a shock dose so that you apply to the pool.

From there, restore the clarity of the water.

After all, the HTH 1173 is an affordable pool water testing kit, but it still ensures the standards.


  • Easy to understand directions and read results
  • Work as advertise
  • All the tests are simple and precise
  • Save the significant budget
  • The materials appear sturdy


  • Don’t have the refills for CYA
  • Not include a plastic case

Types of Pool Test Kit

In fact, how many types of pool test kit?

Accurately, there are two major types – the wet chemical pool test kits and the pool test strips.

Wet Chemical Test Kits

Honestly, those who need to test in a detailed one will prioritize to select the wet chemical kits.

Thanks to the most optimal results that these kits bring.

Coming with that, there is a color comparator block made of the firm plastic. Frequently, you will likely get them as the OTO or DPD kits.

It can say that the wet chemical kits are an innovative option when we need to test the water in our pool.

Test Strips

Do you get used to hearing the test strips?

Well, they are very common on the market and are considered as the best choice for the affordability.

Similar to the pool test kits, these test strips also include the instructions so that you follow them.


They do not bring the best precision in comparison with the wet chemical kits.

To cope with this, you will have to use a digital reader. The purpose is to enhance the accuracy when testing.

What to Get Benefits When Using a Pool Test Kit

For the time being, you have known that a chemical test kit for pools is better and more precise than the test strips.

Anything else?

  • Don’t need an auto pool vacuum that you can still keep the pool from the factors: bacteria, algae, or dirt.
  • Make sure the safety for the users’ body because the testing chemicals are not too strong.
  • Protect the water in your pool from the effects of the sunlight.
  • Help to define the dissolved solids. Based on there, you exactly know when you ought to refill the water.

A Pool Test Kit Buying Guide

Using a pool test kit is the best answer to the question: how to test pool water?

On top of that, we need a quality model.

Where to be the best pool test kit?

Use in Ease

Perhaps, this easy-to-use feature is prerequisite for choosing to buy any product, including the pool test kit.

You can consider either OTO kits or DPD kits.

Apart from the affordable price, the OTO kits do not limit the sanitizer applied in your pool. After applying, you quickly recognize how much chlorine have in the pool.

On the other hands, if chosen the DPD kits,

They provide an array of tests in order that you can get the most accurate results. But, they simultaneously require plenty of your time and effort.


For the precision of the pool test kit, you can have peace of mind.

If based on the setup suggested, a fundamental reading will not likely make you difficult.

But, the best plan would be to select the model with high accuracy.

Consistency Results

You can be going to meet problems once your pool test kit is not consistent.

How to track and handle the issues in case you missed them.

Seriously, likely lead to an imbalance of the chemicals. From there, they will affect the swimmers.

Reconsidering the quality test kit is necessary. There will be appropriate when paying for one a bit of expensive to protect your pool better.

Achieve the Suitability of Testing

Ensuring the suitability of testing your pool is vital.

No one purchases the super expensive kit and then use for a kid pool. Similarly, to test a large pool, you cannot invest the basic testers.

It means that you should consider your pool before giving a decision.


You must reach the water to test, so we recommend that you invest a pool test kit involving a case.

It will help to hold the bottles together. You do not worry about misplacing.

If possible, the housing is water-proof.

Accidentally, you fall them into the water. No problem!


Initially, it sounds that this consideration is not important.

But, once you are familiar with the specific product and want to buy it again, the availability is essential.

It makes sure that these are available when you need to refill anytime.

With that being said, you will save time to select others after used up.


We do not encourage you to pick up a pool test kit from the same manufacturer specialized pool chemicals.


Almost, you will not get the most accurate results.

Instead, it would be best to consider an independent manufacturer to invest. There will not have any bias that affects your testing results.


You cannot pay for a test kit over your budget.

However, if paid for the cheapest one, you can be going to get the bad results.

So, how must you do?

It is important that your pool test kit must work well in a proper price.

Just keep investing!

Which Is Worth to Invest?

All in all, what do you make of the best pool test kit?

The kit for testing your pool is as important as the best pool skimmer. Both help to maintain and balance the pool effectively.

This is obviously an essential option for any pool owners. You cannot put your pool into operation if lack this kit.

Don’t have any reason to deny the pool test kit. Let’s choose one right off!

Is the HTH 1173 for a limited budget or the Taylor Technologies INC K-2006 improved?

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