Best Pool Thermometer Reviews

Best Pool ThermometerA pool could be more entertaining if it can remain at an optimal temperature. The best pool thermometer can help to tell if your water is in tune. But:

The market has filled tons of options in a variety of price and quality. It is hard to determine which thermometer best meets your demand.

You need a pool expert and a market analysis to help you pick out the best items available.


We have gathered the swimming pool thermometers to help you sort out which one to fit your need. Let’s go further.

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What is A Pool Thermometer?

It is a temperature reader to take accurate temperature readings of the water inside your pool. Some thermometers feature pH levels analyzer.

They classify into two categories: Digital and Analog Thermometers.

Digital Pool Thermometer

They automatically read the temperature and display the number in the console. They include sensing probes that submerge in the water to indicate the figure.

More advanced thermometers can work in the distance with remote controls and separate receivers.

With the rise of technology, there are Android/IOS apps to come with wireless receivers to further your management over the devices.

Analog Thermometers

They are types with conventional mercury strips to float or sink regarding the temperature.

The mercury-filled floating thermometers will rise when the temperature goes up and fall if it goes down.

Now is the best part:

We bring you the top-rated water temperature thermometers to be the big fish in the little pond. In particular, it is the floating pool thermometers we will give detailed reviews.

We recommend you to read through; you’ll be able to select your best out of it.

Best Pool Thermometer Reviews of 2020

1. Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear

This thermometer with a lovely polar bear on top will add a humorous touch to your house pool.
Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear

What is special about it?

This Milliard Floating swimming pool temperature will float once you put it in the pool. You can see a string of 3 inches long to tie to a nailed pole or similar fixed spot to keep the device from floating away.

It is made from durable ABS plastic. This material is able to last for years.

The meter has the height of 7 inches. The top attaches a polar bear lying in pleasure on a blue life buoy as if he is enjoying the sunlight.

The device displays the number in F or C depends on how you set up.

With this funny bear-meter, there will be no more guesswork with your hands or toes.

What type of pool can you use this thermometer for?

We would say you can use it for most pool type available. From the indoor/outdoor pool, above ground pool, Jacuzzi, Intex hot tub, spa or pond. Place the device into the water and wait for it to track the temperature.

How to use?

Place into the pool or throw it into the pond and let it swim for a while to trigger the meter work.


  • Very cheap (sorry, can’t find a more appropriate word)
  • Cute bear suitable for pools


  • The bear is squishy
  • Made in China

2. Best Wireless Pool Thermometer – Ambient Weather WS-14 8-Channel

There is no need to climb in the pool and take the thermometer out to read the number. Now you can check the degrees in a separate display with this wireless pool thermometer.
Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer
What is special about it?

The whole product includes a temperature reader, and a receiving unit allows you to monitor temperatures from up to eight different locations

The syncing system displays on the console every 5 seconds while the water readings update every one minute.

The console also features in recording the degrees indoor for monitoring air temperature.

You will find a clock and alarm mode on the display of the receiver. They may come in handy like ringing the pool time.

How does it work?

The wireless hot tub thermometer is water resistant able to float on the surface of the water. It then transfers the information of the pool temperature wirelessly to the display console.

You should refer to the manual for troubleshooting at the first use.

A tip to keep it from floating into the skimmer if your pool has one is to lock it with a rope tether. It also provides easy access when you want to pull it up.


  • Very functional with various features on the receiver
  • Large distance range (300 feet or 30 meters)
  • Allow seeing pool temp from the inside
  • Use solar power
  • Produced by Ambient Weather specifies in home improvement products.


  • Pricey
  • Requires battery changing apart from the solar panel
  • Confused instruction
  • The in-pool thermometer is not anti-rust

3. SENGKA Floating Pool Thermometer String

Pools are usually filled with kids. What if a pool thermometer can do its function and be cute at the same time. You may recall the bear one, but this SENGKA one is even cooler.
SENGKA Floating Pool Thermometer String
How can it be cute and functional concurrently?

What do you think of when talking about water? Of course, a fish.

The Sengka thermometer is made of PVC that is an eco-friendly material. Plus, it comes it high-precision sensor to read the temperature exactly.

The colorful finish with an adorable cartoon fish on top can make a bath toy for your babies.

Dual lines of the degree in F and C allow people with different perception to read with ease.

There is a long leash of approximately 24 inches enough for you to access from the outside pool.

The fish is made of elastic plastic that children love to play with. It looks similar to squeaky ducks all kids have. This cute look is an appeal to young folks and encourages them to have more fun in the pool.

The plastic sheath to help the device to float upright and gives protection to the probe inside.

How to make it work?

Before putting it to the pool, shake the meter to make sure the mercury level is at zero. Give the device 1 or 2 minutes to result in the temperature. You should remove it from the water first to get the most precise temperature.


  • Attractive to kids
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to the environment
  • Affordable


  • We don’t see any cons in this product

4. eLander Pro Water

If you don’t wish to process too much work instead of measuring the temperature itself, and further save you some money, you can choose this thermometer.
eLander Pro Water Thermometers
What makes it special?

It does the most basic function of a thermometer. It is to track the water temperature to tell you is it the best time to roll in.

Besides, mercury base can read the temp more accurately. The maximum number it can read is 50 Celsius and 120 Fahrenheit.

The product built from an excellent material resistant to shatter and rough weather.

It works for most types of pool you can think of including aquarium and fish ponds.

It comes with a strip to nail fixed for your convenient access.

The generous dimensions allow the number to take up space and large enough to read from a distance.

How to use it?

Throw it to your pool and leave it to do the rest. You can come back later to check the temperature.

In a funny case where you want to take off the top attached to the sinks, you can snap the part off with a bit of effort.

We did it on purpose to tie the thermometer deeper in the pool to get more accurate degrees and keep it from floating.


  • On the cheap side
  • Larger numbers
  • Shatter-resistant


  • It doesn’t float vertically but lying sideways

5. Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Turtle

The Milliard has brought one cuter little turtle on the thermometer to give a fun way to read the temp. It has everything you need from a water temp reader.
Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Turtle
Why do people say it’s one of the good floating pool thermometers?

The device derives from its collection of animal tops on pool thermometers of Milliard. It does nothing else except telling when is the best time to jump into the water.

What makes it stands in the line is it the best option for people who don’t prefer fish, shark, or bear.

We guess your children would play a role in choosing what will present in their pool; so, the animal matters. You wife may be a fan of turtles too. Who knows?

The thermometer primarily functions in reading your pool temp in both F and C. It includes a rope to keep the item floating from your hand’s reach.

How to make it read the temp?

Like all the thermometers, you need to set it to where it works. The little turtle will show you the number after a few minutes. Make sure the mercury line is as low as possible to give the most accurate degrees.


  • Lovely turtle for kids and this animal’s fans
  • Work accurately
  • Very budget


  • The turtle may fall off

What Determines The Top Pool Thermometers?

Quality decides if a product is good or not. But there are several other factors to consider for the best item. Let’s see how you can choose the thermometer in the thousand ones that claim to be best.


Do you want your device to last as long you use it?

Some manufacturers offer from 1 to 5 years of warranty for a product regards to its price range, functions, and material.

If you select a digital meter with more features, you can expect to have a 5-year warranty. As digital thermometers are electronic products, it’s likely for them to malfunction.

Thus, when it comes to investing in the quality, you would want to spend some little more to have at least one year warranty. Otherwise, the repairing cost could be more.


The thermometer is an accessory itself, but sometimes it comes with its companions.

You may want to spend extra for more advanced features, probably an additional receiver, go for it. Making a thermometer more powerful benefits you in many aspects.

Or you can leave a stand-alone device in the pool and let it do its duty in case you don’t demand more from it.

Solar or battery powered?

Some thermometers take advantage of the natural power of sunlight, some extract from artificial batteries.

Battery powered products are affordable, but you can face many problems with replacing very often. The process can damage the whole unit.

Solar powered, on the other hand, utilizes the infinite power source from nature. But of course, it costs you money.

You can consider this factor base on your budget and need.


Most basic thermometers work adequately with the functions it is assigned. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a leg and an arm for features you don’t need.

However, any some average ranks, you can find the meters with high-end features like wireless transmit, remote control, or additional sensor.

With some thoughtful consideration, you can make a handsome decision that pleases your wallet.

Time To Get Your Pool Thermometer

A pool with monitored temperature saves people in it from suffering the extreme temperature.

In the worst scenario, ideal temp provides bacteria with a habitat to grow affecting your pool water’s quality and hygiene. That is where a pool thermometer comes in use.

What we want

We hope our reviews about best pool thermometer are useful and you are now able to pick the most suitable thermometer for your pool.

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