Best Portable Steam Sauna Reviews

Best Portable Steam SaunaSweating is a useful solution to remove toxins inside the body. Helps you minimize strain and tiredness. Well, there is the top benefit that a steam sauna brings the users. Do we need to go to the spas? – No! No! You can equip a steam sauna at home. Both get the health benefits and save your time and money.

Look at here, there is an optimal selection for you – the best portable steam sauna. You can carry this sauna when traveling or camping if desired to use. By folding it up, you are easy to store it anywhere. Learn more right now and then make a serious investment! Let’s go!!!

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Best Portable Steam Sauna Review

Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam SaunaDurherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam SaunaA 60-min timer
A steam generator ~ 800 watts
Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna by DurasageLightweight Personal Steam Sauna by DurasageAn 800-watt steam
Have a timer with 60 minutes of setting
Steaming about 450C
Portable Steam Sauna Tent by GC Global DirectPortable Steam Sauna Tent by GC Global DirectJust take about 10 minutes to heat
Include 6 grades to adjust the timer
Portable Therapeutic Slimming Steam Sauna, SS01-R2Portable Therapeutic Slimming Steam Sauna, SS01-R2An 800-watt generator
Heat up quickly
The timer can be set within 10 – 60 minutes
Giantex Portable Steam Sauna SpaGiantex Portable Steam Sauna SpaA time control with 1-9 level
About 470CA
WYZworks Blue Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam SaunaWYZworks Blue Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna750 -1050 watts
Capacity ~ 2 liters
A 10-100min timer

View from different angles, we decided to introduce the best portable steam saunas you can invest. Start going over right off!

1. Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna

Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam SaunaDo not need a large space and require paying too much, but you can own a sufficient-good sauna. The first model in our list – the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna promises to bring:

  • An affordable price
  • Your living space saver
  • A 60-min timer
  • A steam generator ~ 800 watts
  • Full of the essential accessories

Obviously, the portable steam sauna from Durherm along with the unique features is very suitable for the privacy need. Let’s see!

This sauna utilizes the 45-degree-C steam that is enough the heat to make you sweat. Inside the sauna, there are a small seat, a plain tap water, and a towel. All are safe and user-friendly.

The model is very easy to install. Just need to have a 110V power source, you can assemble it based on the manual attached. In case you want to beauty, you can also add the plant oil or fresh flower. No problem!!!


  • Easy to fold and store
  • Quickly heat
  • Work as advertised
  • Great price
  • Get a really good sweat
  • The size is ideal enough


  • Cannot adjust the heat
  • The pipes made of PVC is not the friendliest of element
  • Don’t include a chair

2. Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna by Durasage

Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna by Durasage
The steam saunas with the portability are very light. To prove what I am saying, I introduce to you the Personal Steam Sauna by Durasage. It has:

  • Have a timer with 60 minutes of setting
  • Include all the things to install
  • An 800-watt steam
  • The lightweight ~ 10.9 pounds

Even from the name, we can affirm that the Steam Sauna by Durasage is a flexible sauna. You are easy to move and carry it if desired to use. The 10.9-pound weight is ideal enough.

The design has accents:

Gray-colored tent comes with the pink outline. Help you easily recognize the zippers when using.

Don’t forget to mention the additional items if you choose to use this sauna, including a towel, plain tap water, and a sauna seat. The product is very safe (steaming about 450C), except for pregnant.


  • Provide plenty of moisture and heat
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • Boil the water pretty quickly
  • Super easy to set up


  • More water in the sauna afterward
  • Impossibly change the timer while in the sauna
  • No chair

3. Portable Steam Sauna Tent by GC Global Direct

Portable Steam Sauna Tent by GC Global DirectBeing a new brand – GC Global Direct still creates the difference from others on the sauna marketing. Look at the Portable Steam Sauna Tent, you will clearly see:

  • The main material is cotton and plastic
  • Provide a foldable sauna chair and a foot massager
  • Attach full things to set up and use right off
  • Include 6 grades to adjust the timer

All thing considered:

The cover made of cotton and the trestle built-up plastic should provide the lightweight. Allow you to move comfortably anywhere.

It is obviously different from two saunas above, not including a sauna chair. The GC Global Direct sauna is opposite has equipped an affordable chair.

Furthermore, to help to sweat effectively, there is a foot massager. If you want to remove toxin, lose weight, and reduce fatigue, you can consider investing in this easy-to-setup model.


  • Just take about 10 minutes to heat
  • Simple to put together
  • Easy to use
  • Get very hot
  • The instruction is easy to follow


  • The foot massager is not really effective
  • The sauna chair seems small

4. Portable Therapeutic Slimming Steam Sauna, SS01-R2

Portable Therapeutic Slimming Steam Sauna, SS01-R2
Knowing that the portable steam room is light and flexible, but you need something larger. There is no reason to ignore the SS01-R2 Portable Steam Sauna. Let’s see:

  • The large size but the lightweight
  • The timer can be set within 10 – 60 minutes
  • An 800-watt generator
  • An array of accessories

In terms of the size, the 29-inch width, the 27 1/2 –inch depth, and the 38-inch height are large enough.

In addition to that, the weight is approximately 13 pounds. Allow you to carry easily. The installation is super simple. Unfold the sauna when using and fold it up if stored. So convenient!

It is noticed that the attached things are various:

A foldable chair, a remote controller, two horses, a wood massager, and a steam pot.

The product makes sure the safety when using.

Once recognizing the low water level, the steamer will automatically turn off.


  • Easily fold
  • Heat up quickly
  • Super relaxing
  • Safe
  • Work well


  • Hard to clean and dry
  • The remote control is easy to get broken

5. Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa

Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa
The name says it all. That’s right when saying to the Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa. The product promises to bring a sauna experience like in a spa. Is that so?

  • A time control with 1-9 level
  • A foldable chair to use while steaming
  • A foot massager to help to sweat
  • The lightweight ~ 91lbs

Link up with what mentioned above, we assume that the Giantex Portable Steam Sauna is a reliable option. You can see:

33.9” x 28.7” x 40.5” inches in dimensions will not take up more your living space when using. Whatever there is an apartment or a small home, it ensures the privacy need.

For the temperature, this sauna steams about 470C, along with a foot massager. Contribute to promoting the sweating process quickly.

Set ourselves apart from the customer’s need, we love all that the Giantex sauna brings. Let’s feel secure! It is very easy to use. Just need to follow the manual. It’s okay!


  • Easy to transport from place to place
  • Set up quickly
  • Very hot
  • Good for the price
  • Work great


  • It is a bit silly
  • The liner seems to be too small

6. WYZworks Blue Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna

WYZworks Blue Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna
Yet the steam sauna more has the affordable price and the optimal quality. The last product in our list, the WYZworks Blue Portable Steam Sauna, is up-and-coming. The bottom line:

  • A 10-100min timer
  • Two power levels to select
  • The cover made of cotton and the trestle with the waterproof plastic
  • A folding chair helps to save

This is a portable steam sauna that has the highest steam power in our products list – 750 -1050 watts.

A steam pot also has a large capacity ~ 2 liters. You might utilize steam to improve your blood circulation or relax skin. Bring a vast array of health benefits.

With that being said,

There still has a special herb box, which enables you to add the aromatic oils or herbs. Enhance your sauna experience.

If you are really looking for a multi-purpose sauna, you can completely consider this option. Include lots of accessories. The setup is easy. Don’t take up your living space. All that you can get.


  • Easy to put together
  • Simple to use
  • The steam pot looks durable
  • Flexible
  • Work well


  • The sauna chair is uncomfortable
  • The switcher for red light is quickly broken
  • No instructions at all

Why Should You Have A Personal Steam Sauna?

Before starting to invest something, you should ask yourself? Why do I need to buy it? That said, you must exactly know its benefits. With a personal steam sauna:


The standard sizes of the personal sauna are enough for one person. Plus the foldable design, you can use anytime and are ease in storage.

The used space is very flexible, your bathroom, bedroom; no problem. You just need to spend a small area for setup.


You get used to hearing!! Using a sauna helps to remove toxins, lose weight, and more. Really?

Sweating: As previously stated, this is an effective manner so that your body gets rid of toxins. The more you sweat, the more the toxins inside your body will be released. Instead of running miles to get that, you only need to sit in the steam sauna for 10 minutes. Complete!

Weight-loss: It can say that sauna therapy is quite useful for weight-loss. Most people think that this is due to losing the water in the body. But, the fact is a 20-minute session of the sauna therapy that contributes to promoting your body metabolism. Burn calories every when heating.

Stress and Fatigue Minimization

What will your body change once it reaches its heat threshold? The answer is to reduce the energy levels and fatigue. You use a sauna regularly, which will help to improve the heat resistance of your body. It is especially useful for those who are practicing the sports, bicycling, running included.

Immune System Improvement

Your immune system will receive a positive effect when using a sauna. The more regular you use, the lower the level of toxins will be. At that time, there will appear plenty of the unoccupied white blood cells to protect your body from bacteria and other damaging factors.

How to Choose a Portable Steam Sauna as Desired

Saying to portable steam saunas, there is a range of products available on the market. In what way can you can choose the best portable steam sauna? To cope with this, you need to:

Go over the Steam Pot

Being a steam sauna, the steam pot is an essential part attached when buying. How much is its capacity? Is the material durable? These features are necessary to consider. A good steam pot will work well and allow you to experience greatly.

Check the Maximum Temperature

With the steam portable saunas, their maximum temperature ranges from 450C to ~500C. Before giving a specific decision, it would be best to check the maximum temperature of that sauna. Can it meet entirely your demand?

Find the Proper Size

You will likely feel claustrophobic when using a tight sauna compared to your body’s size. Similar to other sauna types, the steam saunas also have a variety of sizes. So, why don’t choose the most comfortable one? A more spacious sauna will make you comfortable when using.

Consider the Additional Features

A portable steam sauna can be attached with other additional features. Some include a folding chair and foot massager while some others do not.

Of course, a steam pot is effective enough. But, adding a foot massager will increase the effectiveness.

For a foldable sauna chair, instead of having to purchase one, the models involving one will help you save. Is it right?

How To Clean a Portable Steam Sauna

In spite of not all, you can apply the air drying way with some portable steam saunas. A couple of manufacturers allow users to apply the mixture (including water and alcohol) to clean their saunas.

It’s simpler! You may use the available sauna cleaners.

The main components are often extracted from the citrus or tea tree oil because they have the antifungal and antibacterial characteristics. With the steam generators and water reservoirs, you can also use similar solutions.

After all, depending on the chosen steam sauna, you will have the proper cleaning.

In the Mean Time

It’s high time to give an exact decision. Your choice is: The WYZworks Blue Portable Steam Sauna provides a large steam power or the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna is known as a quality unit.

Yes, investing which product is to depend on your need and preference. We only give a useful suggestion. Based on that, you select the best portable steam sauna that you recognize. Read carefully. Invest seriously. You’re on the right track!!

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