Circupool RJ30 Review

Swimming is also a good activity for your health. However, after a few times of swimming, do you see that your eyes are bloodshot, your hair is rough, and your skin is dry?

So it’s time for you to change the salt chlorination system. And I recommend that you should use Circupool RJ30. The Circupool company is one of the leading brands with the best service and high- quality product.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of Circupool RJ30 salt system – one of the best product of Circupool salt generator!

Outstanding Features of Circupool RJ30


The Circupool is the complete solution if you want to maintain the crystal-clear water in your pool without any worrying about your health.

Because Circupool can filter the water without using any harsh chemicals. The product is most suitable for small to moderate pool size.

Easy to use

One of the most fantastic features of this product is the easy installation process. Even if you have never used a salt-chlorine generator before, you can still quickly install the machine.

And if you have any difficulty, you can call the CircuPool representative who always willing to help. Besides, the OLED salinity Display also makes the constellation and usage very simple.


Technically, the CircuPool RJ30 chlorine generator provides the complete saltwater Chlorination for your pool. Automatically, the CircuPool RJ30 always keep your pools sparkling- clean while eliminating the chlorine, algaecide.

Another outstanding feature of the RJ30 is the Titanium cell, which always ensures the crystal-clear water, even for the outdoor pool. You can see the sanitizer production and the self-cleaning cell process thanks to the clear cell. So your pool will always look luxurious and twinkle without any harm.


But, like any other product of Circupool, the RJ30 can work pretty well with any popular pump and filter in the market right now with the power of both 200 or 110 volts.

This feature is always the survival feature when people are looking for a salt chlorine system. You will not want to replace all of your pool accessories just because of a small chlorine generator.

Capacity and warranty

The problem is, the CircuPool RJ30 salt chlorine generator maximum capacity is only 30000 gallons. So it is more suitable for the small or private pool than a big public pool.

Besides, the producer offers you only a five-year warranty. Their service is always excellent, but the five-year warranty is shorter than other RJ PLUS products of CircuPool.Circupool RJ30 Review

Pros and Cons of Circupool RJ30


  • Easy to install and adaptable with popular machine
  • Running automatically
  • The OLED display for easy observation and controlling
  • Long lifespan Titanium cell for sparkling water


  • Only suitable for small to the moderate pool.
  • Only a five-year warranty.


In general, the CircuPool RJ30 is the ideal choice for the private pool in your house or your resort. When using this product, you will have the feeling that you are exactly the top priority of the company.

It is easy to install, easy to use; it runs automatically and always keep your pool twinkle and luxury. And you can also observe the cleaning process through the OLED display. Even if you don’t know anything about machines, nothing can bother you with this product.

If you have any experience with CircuPool RJ30 salt water chlorinator, please leave a comment and share it with us. And don’t forget to write to us if you want to review other products.

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