CircuPool RJ45 Review

Summer is back with the excitement of swimming. But after a few days, your eyes are red, your skin is dry, and your hair is stiff? Well, it’s time to look for a salt-chlorine generator that is friendly with your health. And this review is to spend for you.

You are probably very familiar with CircuPool – the very famous unit offering a full range of products for your pool. All of the CircuPool salt water system products have four features: power, durability, simplicity, and attention to detail. Most importantly, CircuPool is well-known for always puts the pool owners on the top priority for their products and services.

So, are you curious about their products? Why don’t you spend some minutes to read the CircuPool RJ45 review? Maybe it will be the solution for your “healthy” pool this summer.

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CircuPool RJ45 Salt Chlorine Generator Review – Outstanding Features

CircuPool RJ45+ salt system is the ideal choice for people who are looking for a durable and human-friendly Salt Chlorine Generator.


One of the strongest points of the CircuPool RJ45+ is the innovative rare minerals and Titanium cells. The Titanium cells can extend the lifespan cell. It could last for 50% longer than other famous brands. For pool owners, it means they can save thousands of dollars.

The RJ-45 product uses a smallsat level to generate Chlorine. You only need a tiny amount of salt for gallon water and make it silky soft.

And as a result, your swimming pool will always be crystal-clear with the luxury appearance and provide you the greatest swimming experience.

Easy to use

Besides, as mentioned above, CircuPool always considers the pool owners as their priority. In this case, the “priority” means the easy adapting and running process.

You only need to read the instruction carefully; then, it takes you about 1 hour to finish installing. And the OLED digital controls make you easy to observe the working process.


Moreover, CircuPool RJ45 salt water chlorinator can work pretty well with the recent popular filtration and pump systems to provide pure Chlorine for your swimming pool every day. So, you can improve your salt pool structure without any trouble.


RJ-45 offers you 45,000 gallons size – which is suitable for a moderate outdoor swimming pool or a hotel.

If you own a smaller or bigger swimming pool, you can consider the RJ-16, RJ- 30, RJ-60 products.


All the features above are proved and recognized by thousands of users and industry-leading awards and warranty.

And that is why they can confidently offer you the seven years warranty – almost the most extended warranty time among salt pool products.

Maybe the only weak point of the CircuPool RJ45 chlorine generator is its design. Although they have ideal features and technology, many people say that it is incredibly ugly.

CircuPool RJ45 Review

Pros and Cons of CircuPool RJ-45


  • Large capacity of 45,000 gallons
  • Longer lifespan
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Adaptable with popular pool systems and accessories
  • 7-year warranty and good service


  • High price
  • Ugly design


In general, the CircuPool RJ45 is a worth-trying product, especially when you are looking for a safe, productive, and adaptable product for your pool. By using CircuPool RJ-45+, you will no longer need to worry about the wrong outcome for your eyes, your hair, or skin.

So, if you have any experience with this product, please let us know your opinion! And don’t forget to share our reviews and write to use if you want to review other products.

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