Circupool Salt System Reviews

CircuPool Salt System ReviewWhy Circupool salt system rather than anything else?

Although there are a lot of salt water chlorinator systems available on the market, the Circupool brand is always the top choice because it has several outstanding features that any pool owner is looking for.

Whether you want to buy a salt system for inground, for above ground pools, or for swimming pools, you can find out the best one from this brand. In this article, you can discover reasons as well as our recommended products.

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Circupool Reviews: Top Best In 2020

Below is a quick comparison of the best Circupool saltwater generator on the market,, which may give you a lot of useful information to pick up a suitable product.

ImageNameBest ForCheck Price
Circupool RJ30 Plus Complete Salt Water Chlorination SystemCircupool Plus Complete SaltWater SystemIn-Ground and Above Ground Pool
Circupool Electronic Salt Chlorine Generator RJ45+Circupool Electronic Salt Chlorine Generator RJ45+In-Ground and Above Ground Pool
Circupool Saltwater SJ-20Circupool Saltwater SJ-20In-Ground and Above Ground Pool
Circupool Saltwater SJ-40Circupool Saltwater SJ-40In-Ground and Above Ground Pool
Circupool Saltwater SJ-55Circupool Saltwater SJ-55In-Ground and Above Ground Pool

1. Circupool RJ30 Reviews

Circupool RJ30 Plus Complete Salt Water Chlorination System

The RJ30 is the complete solution if you want to maintain the crystal-clear water in your pool without any worrying about your health.

Because RJ30 salt system can filter the water without using any harsh chemicals. The product is most suitable for small to moderate pool size.

Easy to use

One of the most fantastic features of this product is the easy installation process. Even if you have never used a salt-chlorine generator before, you can still quickly install the machine.

And if you have any difficulty, you can call the CircuPool representative who always willing to help. Besides, the OLED salinity Display also makes the constellation and usage very simple.


Technically, the RJ30 chlorine generator provides the complete saltwater Chlorination for your pool. Automatically, the RJ30 always keep your pools sparkling- clean while eliminating the chlorine, algaecide.

Another outstanding feature of the RJ30 is the Titanium cell, which always ensures the crystal-clear water, even for the outdoor pool. You can see the sanitizer production and the self-cleaning cell process thanks to the clear cell. So your pool will always look luxurious and twinkle without any harm.


But, like any other product of Circupool, the RJ30 can work pretty well with any popular pump and filter in the market right now with the power of both 200 or 110 volts.

This feature is always the survival feature when people are looking for a salt chlorine system. You will not want to replace all of your pool accessories just because of a small chlorine generator.

Capacity and warranty

The problem is, the RJ 30 salt chlorine generator maximum capacity is only 30000 gallons. So it is more suitable for the small or private pool than a big public pool.

Besides, the producer offers you only a five-year warranty. Their service is always excellent, but the five-year warranty is shorter than other RJ PLUS products of CircuPool.


  • Easy to install and adaptable with popular machine
  • Running automatically
  • The OLED display for easy observation and controlling
  • Long lifespan Titanium cell for sparkling water


  • Only suitable for small to the moderate pool.
  • Only a five-year warranty.

In general, the CircuPool RJ30 is the ideal choice for the private pool in your house or your resort. When using this product, you will have the feeling that you are exactly the top priority of the company.

It is easy to install, easy to use; it runs automatically and always keep your pool twinkle and luxury. And you can also observe the cleaning process through the OLED display. Even if you don’t know anything about machines, nothing can bother you with this product.

2. CircuPool RJ45 Reviews

CircuPool RJ45 Review

RJ45+ salt system is the ideal choice for people who are looking for a durable and human-friendly salt chlorine generator.


One of the strongest points of the RJ45+ is the innovative rare minerals and Titanium cells. The Titanium cells can extend the lifespan cell. It could last for 50% longer than other famous brands. For pool owners, it means they can save thousands of dollars.

The RJ-45 product uses a smallsat level to generate chlorine. You only need a tiny amount of salt for gallon water and make it silky soft.

And as a result, your swimming pool will always be crystal-clear with the luxury appearance and provide you the greatest swimming experience.

Easy to use

Besides, as mentioned above, CircuPool always considers the pool owners as their priority. In this case, the “priority” means the easy adapting and running process.

You only need to read the instruction carefully; then, it takes you about 1 hour to finish installing. And the OLED digital controls make you easy to observe the working process.


Moreover, RJ45 salt water chlorinator can work pretty well with the recent popular filtration and pump systems to provide pure chlorine for your swimming pool every day. So, you can improve your salt pool structure without any trouble.


RJ-45 offers you 45,000 gallons size – which is suitable for a moderate outdoor swimming pool or a hotel.

If you own a smaller or bigger swimming pool, you can consider the RJ-16, RJ- 30, RJ-60 products.


All the features above are proved and recognized by thousands of users and industry-leading awards and warranty.

And that is why they can confidently offer you the seven years warranty – almost the most extended warranty time among salt pool products.

Maybe the only weak point of the RJ45 chlorine generator is its design. Although they have ideal features and technology, many people say that it is incredibly ugly.


  • Large capacity of 45,000 gallons
  • Longer lifespan
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Adaptable with popular pool systems and accessories
  • 7-year warranty and good service


  • High price
  • Ugly design

In general, the CircuPool RJ45 is a worth-trying product, especially when you are looking for a safe, productive, and adaptable product for your pool. By using RJ-45+, you will no longer need to worry about the wrong outcome for your eyes, your hair, or skin.

So, if you have any experience with this product, please let us know your opinion! And don’t forget to share our reviews and write to use if you want to review other products.

3. Circupool SJ-20 Complete Salt Water Chlorination System

Circupool Saltwater SJ-20

The highlight of Circupool SJ-20 is the self-cleaning capacity.

Over time, the plates of the salt system attract a lot of calcium, which will decrease the performance and lifespan of the product. Thus, you have to provide the product with regular maintenance.

However, don’t worry. There is no need to spend your valuable time on these tasks thanks to the self-cleaning feature. It can reduce the buildup of calcium on the electrodes.

This salt system only works well for a small pool with 20.000 gallons. Furthermore, you have to provide an ideal condition for this model.


  • Made in the USA
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Good monitor performance
  • Straightforward installation
  • Durable


  • Not good customer service

4. Circupool SJ-40 Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator

Circupool Saltwater SJ-40

It’s straightforward to install and mount this Circupool salt generator because of the clear instruction. It doesn’t take much time and effort on your end.

Like other products, this model is also made in the USA and comes with a five-year limited warranty, which shows its high quality.

Although Circupool SJ-40 has a monitor, it doesn’t display the concentration of chlorine and salt.  It seems that you need to guess through the difference in the color of the water.


  • Works well with any pump and filter
  • Simple design


  • No information provided about the ability to withstand weather

5. Circupool SJ-55 Complete Salt Water Chlorination System

Circupool Saltwater SJ-55

Among all products in this list, Circupool SJ-55 has the best performance. Specifically, it can work well on a 55.000-gallons pool under a good condition.

When you have a big pool like this, it may be hard to maintain and care, right?

Don’t worry as you have this SJ-55 unit; its reverse polarity self-cleaning cell will help you perform this task quickly.

Because of the simple design, and clear instruction, it doesn’t take much your time on the installation.

Some customers are in trouble with the leakage, however.


  • Made in the USA
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Helpful Circupool tech support


  • Cheap material

Circupool Saltwater Chlorinator: Everything About It

Before going deeper into each specific product, let’s learn some information relating to the Circupool chlorine generator first.

The Great Features

In general, Circupool has outstanding features as follows:

Circupool saltwater chlorinator reviews
Power is the top priority of the manufacturer when producing a salt system. Compared to other product brands, the CircuPool salt chlorinator systems can provide you more power to clean your pool.

High durability and reliability

Circupool comes with an electrolytic cell in the center of the system, which can extend the lifespan of the model for higher durability and reliability.

Simplicity with good capacity

It’s effortless to control your pool by pressing a button. Moreover, the series of RJ Circupool saltwater pool systems models have an OLED display and touchpad controls, which helps you use them efficiently.

Good design

The industrial-grade die-cast heat-sink of the CircuPool RJ-Series is made from solid aluminum for better durability and thermal efficiency.


Circupool salt water chlorinator features three following benefits which most pool owners are looking for:

Save money on care

Using salt chlorinator to care for your pool is a cost-effective way. Actually,  you can save about 50% compared to traditional chlorination.

In case you want to save more, the variable-speed pump is an ideal solution for saving up to $1500 every single year on the energy costs.

Maintain simple and easy

Having a Circupool salt system means that you don’t have to pay anyone to maintain and manage your pool. Why?

It automatically works every single day to keep your pool as clean as possible.

If you want to have a sparkling pool, the CircuPool TOTAL Balance will help you manage the pH in the pool automatically and improve the acid balance.

Add the beauty into your pool

The Circupool provides you a saltwater pool, bringing the feeling of swimming in a natural body of water.

Furthermore, it helps you get rid of caustic “chloramines”, which causes harsh smells and does harm to your hair, skin, and eyes.

Let us tell you how the company takes it to the next level:

The CircuPool® INDIGO3-S Ozone Generator can remove 99.99% of impurities for high-definition water clarity.


Some people don’t like the uncomfortable smells from this system. Meanwhile, others even suffer from irritation on their skin and eyes due to the chlorine.

Who are in need of the Circupool Salt Generator?

We strongly recommend the Circupool salt water system for people who need to clean their pool regularly, but they don’t have much time to perform this task. This product will use a low level of salt to sanitize your pool continually.

It also suits first-time users because it’s effortless to use and adjust.

Which Circupool Salt System Is The Best?

The answer is Circupool RJ45+.

It brings all the outstanding features which we are looking for. This model will work very well on our 45-gallons pool. And clear instruction allows us to install quickly. Finally, we believe in the quality of the product because of the seven-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Now, it’s your turn. Please let me know your choice. Why do you choose it? And do you have any questions related to this issue? Also, don’t forget to share our article if you find it informative and helpful. Thank you for reading the Circupool reviews, and see you in the next article!

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