Hayward CL220 Chlorinator Review

An automatic pool chlorinator is nowadays the optimal choice in feeding chlorine tablets to pool water for sanitation. And Hayward is a prominent name among chlorinator suppliers.

Notably, the new Hayward CL220 Chlorinator is one of the best residential feeders that you can find in the market. So, how well does it work? What can you get with it? Scroll down to know all!

Hayward Chlorinator CL220 Review

Hayward CL220 Chlorinator
To begin our review today, let’s first discuss some outstanding features inside this Hayward Cl220 Automatic Chlorinator!

Outstanding Features of Hayward CL220 Chlorinator


This chlorinator is suitable for both inground and above ground pools. Besides, Hayward salt water chlorinator offers you two versions including CL220 offline and CL200 inline to choose. So, which one is better?

Many people go for the Hayward CL200 in-line chlorinator as it gives a more well-built installation directly into the return pipe. Also, the in-line version requires less replacement.

However, if you don’t have enough space for the in-line installation and don’t need to replumb or renovate the system, the Hayward CL220 off-line chlorinator will be a better choice. So, freely make your own decision!


You can use the Hayward CL220 for large or small Tri-Chlor slow-dissolving tablets. The system can fill with up to 9 lbs of chemical, more capacity than most residential feeders.

The Hayward CL220 Off-line Automatic Chemical Feeder works with your existing pump and filter system. Together they can generate water flow up to 50-80 GPM.

Ease of Use

For easy adjustment of feed rate, Hayward Cl220 provides a dial control valve with 9 different settings. And when it comes to adding tablets, the Easy-Lok threaded cover will give you more convenience.

Moreover, the tool features a venturi standpipe to draw in chlorinated water. What’s more? You can easily wash the standpipe if there is residue clogged inside it.


To protect its customers, Hayward includes an advanced finger-release catch inside the CL220. The device also has an NSF certification about safety.

Hayward always stands behind its products and customers!

Hayward CL220 Chlorinator: Pros and Cons

Now, here is an overlook of the pros and cons of the Hayward Cl220!


The first strength of Hayward CL220 offline chlorinator that we want to mention today is the easy installation. You can complete the system with some simple DIY works. All can be done within 30 minutes.

Hayward CL220 is also an efficient solution to remove bacteria and algae in your pool water. The system can give you 3 continuous weeks of chlorine purification for a pool of up to 40,000 gallons capacity.

Besides, the lifespan of the CL220 is also remarkable, thanks to the sturdy ABS body and Viton seal. And since most Hayward CL220 Chlorinator parts are available, replacement is also straightforward.

On top of that, CL220 is an economical choice, as well. The price of this brilliant tool is quite lower than the competitors who offer similar features.


The most common trouble that customers encounter when using the Hayward CL220 is the lid. Many reported that it is too difficult to remove or put the lid back on.

To avoid that, remember to close the cover with hand-tightening only. If you use a tool to close, a pressure vacuum will appear and prevent you from opening the lid again.

Some Cautions when using Hayward CL220 Chlorinator

Finally, for safety reasons, below are some essential cautions when using Hayward CL220:

  • You should put extra care when adding the chemicals into the unit. Some may react violently and cause severe consequence
  • The CL220 o-ring requires frequent lubrication, but remember to use non-petroleum based lubricants only
  • In the beginning, the chlorine level of your pool water should not exceed 3 ppm. If so, operate the system with no chemical first

You can watching how to install Hayward chlorinator CL200 here:

Final Thoughts

Now you have known how excellent the Hayward Chlorinator CL220 is. So, what are you waiting for?

Get yourself a CL220 unit right now! And enjoy a relaxing time with ultra-fresh water in your household pool! Don’t forget to invite some friends to join you as well!

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