How to Build An Above Ground Pool Deck with The Easiest Steps

How to Build An Above Ground Pool DeckAn above ground pool is a common facility in every American house. As you can see, the pool is popular since it brings people a joyful time. In addition, to get the most enjoyment out of this swimming pool, you need to have a pool deck, too.

We can save money and get the best design of the pool deck as expected if we build it ourselves. Sometimes, it is troublesome when you follow wooly instructions on the Internet, right?

So, do you know the best way to build an above swimming pool deck in the easiest way?

In this article, you can find the perfect solution for that.  We are going to show you the new technics so that you can get the job done quickly.

Here is all you need to follow.

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What are kinds of stuff we need to prepare?

First thing first, there are some tools you need to grasp before getting to do the job.

To get the best result, you have to have those tools on hand:

  • A screw gun
  • A circular saw
  • A deck screw
  • Nails and glue
  • Concrete pier blocks (the number is according to the size of the deck)
  • A great amount of wood lumbers
  • Boards for setting the deck
  • Pre-assembled railing (optional) or railing parts

How To Build An Above Ground Pool Deck

You can find the instruction to build an above-ground-pool deck on the Internet, but it is long-winded. Understanding that, we have to show you our most distill  method to help you guys out.

Let’s discover the best part!

Step 1: Install the floor frame of the deck

Commonly, people use wood frames for their pool deck design.

You have to check out your swimming pool size to decide the dimension for building the frames. For example, we have various sizes for the above ground pool from small to extra-large one.

A single frame includes two equal-size squares which are made up of 2 x 10 pieces lumber. To properly secure to framing, using post caps is needed.

To build the floor frame correctly, you have to watch out:

Your survey to figure out the size of the frame has to be careful. When putting those pieces together, you need to do with care. As a result, you can get the frames to rest firmly on the support post later.

In addition, for a long-lasting installation, you need to use galvanized nails and strong tiles onto the end of each joist.

Step 2: Prepare the support posts

After you got a perfect deck frame installation, the next step is about the staple support posts.

To build a deck for an above ground pool, you need to make a good base. Pay attention:

Since the method does not require you to dig some holes in the front yard, you have to prepare some pier blocks instead.

The thing you have to remember:

A series of 4 x 4 posts (set in the concrete blocks) support the frames of the floor-joist. According to how large your pool is, you will need several numbers of blocks.

Before setting the concrete pier blocks onto the ground, you need to even the surface initially with a shovel. That will ensure the entire building to stay stable.

Moreover, you may not need to remove grass in the workplace. Just make sure that uneven parts are leveled out.

Step 3: Set up the decking

This is the second last step to follow:

As you know, the common method is using tapered boards to make them all radiate from the center of a round pool. You will not have to do all that when applying our instruction.

Let’s prepare a good amount of boards for the project. You will need to cut them into 4-foot-length at 80°.

You put the first angled decking board end under the pool’s coping, at least 1/2in away from the wall. Then, lay the next board against the initial part tightly and sew them in place.

Your mission is keeping going to the end of the deck. At this point, you will see that the boards overlap the joints, right?

Here is the solution:

You need to mark where the board is overlapping by laying a deck board along the line. You cut the board along the marked line and keep it in place with a screwdriver.

Trim the overhanging ends with a circular saw, and you will have a flush decking with the joints.

Step 4: Assemble the railing

Keep going; we have only one final step to do:

If you can pass through all the above steps, this one will be a piece of cake! For your convenience, you can take the pre-assembled railing sections to finish the job. The products can be found in most home improvement stores.

According to the length of the railing, you space the posts out to assemble them together. If the railing is too long, use a circular saw to cut it down for a perfect length.

To mount the railing to the post, using specialized hardware is necessary. This tool is the deck screw. You have to cut 10° bevel on the ends of the piece to make the horizontal rails.

Keep doing the rest of the rail the same method as we have shown and you are done!

Finally, you need to use 2 x 2 precut balusters to enclose the open space under the railing. Those balusters have one end beveled to 45°.

It is time for your action!

That is all about the steps to build a perfect deck for an above ground pool. You will feel how simple and effective this introduction is!

Maybe it is a little complicated in the first time. Otherwise, just with some practices, we are sure that you can do the job correctly by yourself. The best part of the method is that it does not require any hole at all.

Let’s go out and build up your pool deck right now!

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