How to Open an Above Ground Pool

how to open an above ground pools An above ground pool is useful when it will always get the shine and allows you to enjoy the swimming fun anytime. Nevertheless, you cannot start up unless you open and prepare your pool. Say that it means to have to pay for that. Why? Why must pay when you can do it yourself?

How to open an above ground pool for the first time is not difficult. Don’t know, but you may learn. Learn right now! Continue reading to know clearly. Go! Go!

In Regard to How to Open an Above Ground Pool – Just Need to Follow These 11 Steps

To start, we need to prepare something: a skimmer net/ soft broom; an above ground pool opening kit (start-up chemical one); a pool cover pump; a car-wash soap/ winter-cover cleaner; and an assistant. Are you ready? So, let’s do this.

Step #1 – Clean the Winter Pool Cover

Frequently, the pools will have equipped a winterized cover. If so does your pool, it would be best to clean it, by removing debris, water, or leaves.

In a case does not have a pool cover pump, you can utilize a normal sump pump to replace. And then, use a prepared soft broom to clean debris and leaves. Don’t recommend using a sharp one to sweep to avoid damaging the cover.

If possible, you should remove the entire debris. Like that, don’t have to worry that you will fall into the water when removing the cover.

Step #2 – Disassemble the Winter Pool Cover

Have you cleaned all the things? Well, now, you need someone, who helps you remove the cover. Let’s be careful! To keep debris without falling into your pool, you ought not to drag it. In this way, it will help to minimize your task. Have to use chemicals and tools to get a clean pool.

The next, don’t forget to disassemble a pool air pillow simultaneously if had. After taking the air pillow out of your pool, you only need to deflate it. It’s okay!

Step #3 – Store the Winter Pool Cover

Choose a large area without including the sharp objects to place your winter pool cover, a deck, lawn, or driveway, for example.

Use the cover cleaner to clean and scrub it with a prepared broom. Remember that you must be gentle to make sure its lifespan. Leave it dry before you store it.

For the season, we cannot predict anything. So, the best plan would be to store it in a sealed container to prevent the rats or others that damage to it.

Step #4 – Take the Winterizing Pool Plugs & Ice Compensators Away

It’s high time to remove the winter pool plugs. The first, check everything around the pool. Aside from removing the plugs, you also need to remove the skimmer bucket and return jets. In the skimmer bucket, you have not missed out an ice compensator.

Hence, it is necessary to bring both the skimmer basket and jets back the return line. If you have used a skimmer cover to protect your skimmer, also need to remove it. This one is useful for reactivating the filter system of your pool.

Step #5 – Add water

Based on the way to close your pool, you likely add water so that the level is proper. Use a hose filter to ensure that the impurities will not fall into your pool.

Step #6 – The Deck Equipment Resetting

Whether you are learning how to open an above ground pool for the first time, the deck gear resetting is essential. Particularly, you will reinstall the diving boards, ladders, lifts, handrails, and jumping platforms.

Remember to carefully check the components in order to determine that they do not have any rust or damage. If had, you should replace them.

Step #7 – Install the Filter, pump, & Other Components

The hardware of the pool needs to be brought back after having experienced a prolonged cold period. Even, involve the options such as the lab coat and the mad scientist goggles. Both the gauges and drains have the winterizing plugs. Start with removing them. Use the standard plugs to take the place of each one.

All the equipment needs the support of the horse. Require you to attach it to them and check the connections such as the skimmer connected to the pool pump, the pump connected to the filter, and the filter connected to the chlorinator, heater, and others. With using a multiport valve, remember to turn to the filter position.

Step #8 – Start the Pump & Filter

Initially, you still need to check the system and the ground wires. With the running-dry system, let’s pump a little water. This is very simple. Just turn off the filter system, remove the pump lid, and prime the water. After that, cover the lid back and restart your system.

Whatever your system is running with a sand filter or a DE filter, you must wash it after starting up the filter system. Of course, both filters have the different backwash way. Recommend to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Step #9 – Clean

In this step, proceed with opening your pool. The first requirement forces it to have to clean before you utilize the opening pool chemicals.

Brush the whole sides of your pool, including the difficult-to-reach positions. Finish the cleaning process, right? So, collect the leftover leaves on the water surface.

Step #10 – Use the Start-up Chemicals to Add to Your Pool

You have finished brushing the entire pool. At that time, the new above ground pool startup needs to add the chemistry. You need to break out either the liquid test kit or the test strips. The purpose is to balance the chemicals.

Step #11 – The Last Task

For the time being, allow the pool pump to run within 24 hours. If there has any debris appearing, you must remove them. Testing your pool water again. Is everything okay? Complete!


Opening pool after winter algae or other purposes only need to follow the steps above. I hope that all information in my article is helpful for learning how to open an above ground pool. Happy swimming enjoy!

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