Intex Pool Vacuum Reviews

Intext pool vacuumPool care and maintenance could be expensive costs to pay. The cleaning time is pretty much and these also require lots of in-depth work.

Fortunately, the vacuum revolution can change the way we undertake. Pool cleaning will not become a full-time job when you invest in the proper product.

If you are seeking the Intex pool vacuum and an auto cleaner, my post has provided you with a lot!

It does not matter you need to buy the best vacuums for your small pool or a huge one! And then, you can remove this question “how I purchase a suitable one?”

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Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

1. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner
Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is a convenient solution because it vacuums the whole surface of your pool. Please bear in mind that it is not ideal for in-ground pools!

It made for Intex pool owners, and it will clean the pool automatically. The machine has a 24ft. Hose to connect to the inlet easily. Moreover, the hose fittings are the 38mm. The device requires a filter pump with a flow rate (between 1,600 and 3,500 GPH).

Before using, please set up the unit correctly. Additionally, all of the air pockets are diminished from the vacuum hose to get maximum performance. Please read the manual in advance.


  • Good quality (it even cleans the trap)
  • Suitable unit for the soft sided Intex pool
  • Ease of use
  • Great attachments (adapters and connections)


  • A bit possible leaking in the hose connectors

2. Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools

Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools
Intex automatic pool cleaner vacuum will help you reduce the cleaning up chore quickly.

You should connect this Intex automatic above ground to an existing filter pump (it ranges between 1,600 and 4,000 GPH). The workhorse will do the best job.

The device will remain at the bottom of the pool to remove leaves and other particles by using the Venturi suction. In other words, you probably spend less cleaning time to enjoy other things.

Please note that you should turn off the filter and the power cord from the electrical holder when not in use. Also, attach the inflow in the output!


  • Ease of assemble and set up (you do not have to read the instruction)
  • Excellent cleaner for removing dirt in the bottom pool
  • Affordable price tag
  • Not wasted time in cleaning the pool


  • A bit possible leaking in the hose
  • A bit slow in moving

3. Intex 3000 GPH above Ground Pool Sand Pump

INTEX 3000 GPH Above Ground Pool Sand Pump and INTEX Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum
Intex 3000 GPH has six functions control allows you to maintain the filter pump system easily. You just need to connect between a backwash, frequent filtering, drain, and close operation.

The filters are large enough to provide up to 3,000 gallons of water per hour, and the water capacity is more than 5,000 gallons. This pool vacuum also has a 16-foot diameter or a bigger one.

You may astonish that the machine can work well with smaller vacuum for intex pool with an extra hose adapter. This probably connects between the 1.5-inch diameter hose fittings and a smaller 1.25-inch diameter valves!

In general, this is an awesome combo between the pump and the Intex auto pool vacuum!


  • Tremendous sand pump (it works well on the Intex Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner)
  • Good customer service
  • Well-made brush system
  • Quiet operation


  • Oversized filter
  • A bit possible leaking in the hose swivel parts

4. Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer
Intex Deluxe Wall dispatches the surface water via the strainer basket on the way it comes to the filter pump. Thus, it can reach leaves and other particles before doing its job at the bottom of your pool.

To receive the best result when using this Intex pool skimmer, you should take an Intex filter pump.

The device made of endurable polypropylene plastic, so it is not sufficient by pool chemicals. Moreover, it is easy to pull out debris in the surface of the skimmer basket.


  • Ease of operate, use, and maintain
  • Amazing attachments (pipe, basket and bracket)
  • Outstanding suction power
  • Well-designed construction with good material


  • Not an ideal machine for those who have a summer waves pool

5. Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit

Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit for Above Ground Pools
Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit is suitable for holding the pool always clean and fresh for swimming time.

This Intex automatic pool cleaner has a lot of included packages such as an 18-inch diameter pool, a 110-inch telescoping aluminum shaft.

The product also contains a vacuum cleaner which absorbs all particles of the pool floor and the filter system too! It is recommended to use a particular pump and a minimum flow rate (800gph).

Please note that the telescoping aluminum shaft might be used with additional attachments.


  • Perfect above ground pool kit
  • Ideal above ground pool cleaner for a large pool
  • Mind-boggling filter suction power
  • Good hose (you should read the manual in advance)


  • A bit possible air leaking

6. Deluxe Wall Mount Automatic Skimmer

Above Ground Pool Deluxe Wall Mount Automatic Skimmer
The Above Ground Pool Deluxe Wall Automatic Skimmer requires a filter pump with an 800-gph flow rate. If you do not have yet, it will be hard to operate the skimmer well.

It would be great to know that the product works in coordination with a filter pump for simple automatic surface. Also, the device can reaches all floating debris and leaves perfectly!


  • Outstanding unit
  • Sturdy frame with high-quality material
  • Quiet running
  • Good suction power
  • Saved time for cleaning your pool


  • A bit difficult adding separate pieces to get a right angle and float distance (to gather debris)

What Are the Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner?

Pool vacuum cleaners can save the amount of time you have to spend on pool cleaning up and maintenance.

The issue is that it could be gained only when selecting the proper kind of pool cleaner.

The vacuum for intex pool and an auto cleaner are valuable for an above ground automatic pool which supports to the pool’s filtration system.

Why should you use these?

Your pool often gathers pollen, leaves, debris and other materials. It needs frequent cleaning and maintenance to diminish dirty and keep its bright look.

Simply, the pool vacuum and auto cleaner is reducing your workload demand of maintaining your pool.

Clean up water on a regular basis supports your chemistry levels stabilized more constantly. You will need to scrub all sides of the pool regularly.

Moreover, these units also decrease the amount of tear which your pool often has.

The best vacuum for intex pool are made to reduce wear when cleaning and you can also increase the life of the pool. Manually run appropriate cleaning equipment.

How to Select Both Vacuum and an Auto Cleaner for Your Intex Pool?

Pool cleaner category

Most of the people only read the pool cleaner reviews and determine which unit is proper for their demand and others take a more offhand approach.

In my point of view, I often select a device which will work for my pool is by thinking of the kind of pool I have. Furthermore, I will also consider my situations which will impacts on my final decision.

When it comes to the pool cleaners, there are fundamentally four different models (whether you get the Intex auto pool cleaner or an in-ground one).

  • Handheld devices: These are plugged unit or excessive batteries to set up. The defect of the device is apparent. It needs to work more by a pool owner to wash the pool. Some models are affordable in price. They are not expensive as a suction-side unit, but they are lower than auto cleaners…I mean the robotic ones!
  • Suction-side vacuums: These are direct attachments to the plumbing system. These use suction to choose debris from the floor and walls. Then, they push the particles to the skimmer and the filtration system of the pool. These are mostly best for a small Intex automatic pool vacuum.
  • Pressure-side units: These devices do not fasten to the pump which you have already gotten in your pool. You should attach a second pump or a dedicated booster to provide them with the energy they require to move around and clean the pool. All of the particles then gathered in a container. When it cleaned, the container is eliminated and emptied out. You should take a little bit extra setup, but these still do a great job on both the medium and large-sized pools.
  • Robotic devices: These vacuums are not only modern but also provide many benefits. They are easy to operate and use. You do not need to buy an extra pump or a booster. They always impress any buyer! They also called auto cleaners.

Suction power

A suction power cleaner is developed by the filter system when it gets practical. Then, the device can clean all debris on the pool surface.

The vacuum probably moves from a pattern to another calculated one randomly (it relies on the model).

The unit can soak up grimes and slimes in the circulatory system. At the same time, the big particles also get assembled in a pump basket. And the smaller ones collect to the filter.

The suction power relies on the water pump power in your pool. In general, a nearly of ¾ horsepower pool water pump is started. And it works well in most of the small and medium pools.

Pool affinity

The vacuum structure in the suction cleaner should be well-suited all of the pool systems.

Being equipped by a filter pump, it can work together with the pool. It does not demand additional boosters pump as well as the timer.

The device begins the cleaning process when the pool is active. The vacuum steers well via the floor and walls, wrapping the solid corners and curvy as well.

It has exceedingly portable performance. If your pool has lots of steps and curves, you will clean these easily! Light leaves and other particles get rapidly gathered in the filter and remaining the pool clean when using.


Your pool vacuum and auto cleaner should be able to deal with different pool shapes and various sizes by modifying significant flow and hose lift. Some also models have a deflector, so the cleaner does not get stuck in place.

Hose length

You should select the hose reaching between one ends of the pool to the other.

Clean circle time

This is the time duration spent by the pool cleaner to accurately disorder the dirt at the pool surface before closing down.

The automatic cleaning units are matched with the timers explaining a complete cycle. The cleaning circle timing is the cycle, double cycles, or programmable cycle as well.

Premium quality brushes

Diminishing the particles and debris from the pool is a daunting task. Thanks to the brushes, the issue will be solved quickly.

Thus, if you get a pool vacuum or an auto cleaner with a poor brush, you will not have an opportunity to clean your pool thoroughly.

An excellent rotating rubber brush or a hard-bristle one may remove dirt from any surface in your Intex pool.

Large and flexible wheels

You do not have to bring the units out of the pool. They can do it themselves!

Due to big wheels, this task is easier than ever! I am pretty sure that you do not want your unit to get stuck. Big and flexible wheels will cope with this trouble.

Lightweight and portable

Although sizes of the Intex automatic pool cleaner for above ground pools not a big deal, it will effect on how it works on the pool surface.

Furthermore, you possibly lift it to move around the pool area for tightening corners.

If it is heavy or bulky, you will have a tough time bringing it without a little assist.

Climbing capacity

It is perfect to purchase a unit that can climb the sides of the pool. It may soak up debris in the waterline and stairs as well. Lifting the cleaner wastes you a lot of hours!

Sensors and deflecting factor

One of the most annoying things about the pool vacuum cleaners is these cannot catch well in corners smoothly. Some of the models come with the deflecting points which support stopping the unit from getting stuck on an obstacle.

Power ability

The size of your Intex pool cleaner and an auto cleaner will decide how much energy it takes. You probably want to buy a smaller unit to spend about 200 wattages per hour.

Or a large device with more than 1000 wattages will be your option if you have a big Intex pool. Of course, they will cost more expensive!

Solid construction

Along with the fact that the Intex pool cleaner made from an endurable material, the construction is also well-made too! It will provide a convenient use and boost effectiveness.

Closing thoughts

Phew! Finally, you have chosen your Intex pool vacuum and an auto cleaner! It likes you are jumping many significant obstacles! This is the chance to remove old thinking and bring a new one! I mean a worthy investment in the swimming pool vacuum cleaner!

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