Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 Salt Chlorinator Review

Currently, a huge number of resorts, hotels, and households prefer the salt recycling systems of Pentair for the pooling water chlorination. The salt recycling features are preferred due to the skin sensitivity with chlorine of some people.

With Pentair chlorine generators, a certain amount of salt is automatically added to the pool water through a generator cell. This generating salt has the same function as chlorine in killing bacteria and algae in the pool tiles.

Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 is a great salt-chlorine generator for the large swimming pools. The article comes with an in-depth review of this product below.

Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 Salt Chlorinator Review

Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 Salt Chlorinator Review

In general, the Pentair 521105 IntelliChlor IC60 salt chlorine generator cell breaks down pure salt into hypochlorous acid. This element is also had in chlorine to purify the water for safe swimming. The difference is once the salt chlorine disinfects the water, it bonds with the sodium and recycle back into salt.

The cycle repeats and becomes a self-cleaning function, which minimizes the maintenance requirements.

Pentair had released four models for IntelliChlor chlorinators, which are IntelliChlor IC40, IC15, IC20, and IC60. The IC60 model can process the largest capacity for the swimming pool, which is up to 60,000 water gallons (approximately 227,124 liters). Equivalently, it can products a maximum of 2 lbs. (907 grams) of chlorine per day.

Besides the top performance, the unit comes with a board of buttons for flexible adjustment. There is a displaying LCD screen for fast checking the salt levels, cell status, water amount, and sanitizer outputs.

The system gives you overall performance data to help you make the most accurate adjustment for the salt chlorine amount. Moreover, there is an automatic shut-off feature to protect the unit when the water temperatures drop too low.

Moreover, the cell has a tracking function to notify the remaining hours of cell life. When receiving the alert, you need to make the maintenance to keep the cell as clean as possible.


This powerful Pentair product is made for the largest swimming pools. It is always tough to keep a large pool clean and this unit comes to tackle this problem. By producing two pounds of salt chlorine every 24 hours, it is strong enough to terminate any kind of bacteria and algae.

Like other Pentair models, the user interface is simple but full of the necessary information. You can have all the data you need at a glance to make the correct adjustment. This feature is extremely useful for a busy hotel or resort staff.


Since this is the unit with the highest performance, it can be pricey to purchase if you are a regular household. Moreover, some customers complain about the short warranty policy of one year even though this machine needs to be assessed at least more than that amount of time.


The Pentair IC60 has the highest performance among the Pentair chlorinator models. It is a useful purifying tool for hotels and resorts with excessively large swimming pools. If you had tried this product, comment your thoughts and experiment for us and do not forget to catch up on our next review.

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