Is Pentair Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator Good?

Pentair Intellichlor ReviewsIt can be quite overwhelming with millions of brands out there, mass-producing pool equipment. We have tested a variety of those brands and came to the conclusion that Pentair is one of our favorites.

Below is an article on things you should know about the brand, some pros, and cons, as well as links to specific reviews on some of Pentair’s chlorinators that we love. We have tested their Pentair Intellichlor salt chlorine generator.

ImageNameUse For
The Pentair 520555 IC40The Pentair 520555 IC40Up to 40,000 gallons. Produces up to 1.40 pounds of chlorine every 24 hours.
The Pentair 520554 IC20The Pentair 520554 IC20Up to 20,000 gallons. Produces up to 0.70 pounds of chlorine every 24 hours.
The Pentair 521105 IC60The Pentair 521105 IC60Up to 60,000 gallons. Produces up to 2.0 pounds of chlorine every 24 hours.

General Review of the Pentair Brand

The brand was first founded in 1934 and has been focusing on pool equipment ever since. Their product lines include, but not limited to the cartridge, sand filter, and chlorinator.

It is not commonly known, but but Pentair is the parent company of many different brands such as Sta-Rite, Union Engineering, X-Flow, Aurora… Being the parent company of two other well-known brand names, Pentair is arguably the most significant manufacturer within the pool equipment industry.

All of their products are sophisticatedly made with at least above-average materials. That’s why in comparison to other brands, all of Pentair’s product lines have very decent durability and an impressive track record for performance.

Pentair is specifically known for their high quality salt water generator. As such, we shall talk about some of their most popular products to illustrate my points.

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Pentair Intellichlor Review: Top Best on Amazon

Due to exceptional circumstances, we have done a comprehensive test on the Pentair salt water chlorinator. If you are interested in more details, please click on the link to be directed to the specific article on the respective chlorinator.

1. The Pentair 520555 IC40

The Pentair 520555 IC40

The IC40 model can produce a maximum of 1.40 pounds of pure chlorine per day, which can cover a large water pool of 40,000 gallons.

The IC40 excels at delivering the less irritating chloramines, which many people with sensitive skin dislike. It also contains a water softening effect by reducing dissolved alkaline minerals.

Additionally, the Pentair salt chlorine generator is more budget-friendly in the long run due to the cost-efficient chlorine. The purchaser can get on an average of five years with no concern about chlorine expense thanks to this unit.

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2. The Pentair 520554 IC20

The Pentair 520554 IC20

The IC20 model boasts about its reverse function, which reduces the calcium build-up on the plates. The reverse polarity can recycle the salt on-time since the poles are switched every hour of operation.

The IC20 model seems to be very sturdy and could last for years without any breakdown or technical issue. The product is quite affordable, despite its decent durability.

Similar to the IC40, the IC20 produces chlorine that does not irritate sensitive skin. The salt amount generating from IC40 is by far more natural than putting the pure chlorine into the water source.

Additionally, setting up the IC20 is a rather simple process compared to most other models on the market.

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3. The Pentair 521105 IC60

The Pentair 521105 IC60

Similarly to the other two mentioned models mentioned above, the IC60 also provide chlorination that does not irritate sensitive skin.

However, the critical difference of the IC60 is the power engine capable of keeping bacteria and algae from growing in a large pool. This is easier said than done. Most people within the industry know how hard it is to keep these little buggers from spawning in a large pool.

Though, you can safely say that IC60 is one of the few rare specimens on the market that gets the job done. It does so by producing two pounds of chlorine during each cycle of 24 hours.

This amount of chlorination is enough to prevent any pool of any capacity to turn into a natural habitat for the bacterial population.

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How To Clean Pentair Intellichlor Salt Cell

The general cleaning process of Pentair chlorinators are quite simple actually. However, just in case you weren’t familiar with the cleaning process, here is a brief run down.

Firstly and most importantly, turn off all the breakers of the electrical equipment before you begin. Then remove the top and bottom couplings holding the cell in place and do not lose the o-ring as you will need it later.

If the salt cell is dirty, you will see a lot of calcium and salt around the edges inside the cell. After that, apply the o-ring on the coupling, then apply the coupling on one end of the salt cell. Make sure it’s not too tight as you do not want any leaks while you put acid and water in it.

Next, have the salt cell stand straight up then start pouring water and acid into the salt cell. Generally you will want at least 85% of water, and only or below 15% of acid. Pour carefully, and let the solution does it job.

Come back after 15 minutes or so, clean up everything and put them back. The cell should be clean as new. By the way, ensure that you spill the salt cell safely and rinse it really thoroughly.

How To Install A Pentair Intellichlor Salt System

We would love to give a comprehensive description on how we went about with the installation and how much we loved it. Unfortunately we cannot. The reason is that it would take a while, and we do not want to bore you with the extra details you might or might not already know. However if that’s something you like, shoot us an email and we will see what we can do.

The short version is that we absolutely loved the easy installation of the Pentair salt water system. The manual is all there with very detailed instructions, so even if you are a beginner, you wouldn’t struggle much.

Although it does take a while for Intellichlor to get an accurate reading. So make sure you let it run for about 10 minutes or so then check the indicators again.

How To Reset Pentair Intellichlor Salt Chlorinator

Once again, we love Pentair Intellichlor for the easy reset or what other people call “recalibrate”.

Every swimming pool enthusiast knows that sometimes the salt level reading doesn’t quite match. In those situations, trying to reset or calibrate a badly-designed chlorinator is harder than hacking into the FBI database.

Pentair made sure that would not be one of your problems when they designed the Intellichlor power center. The options are extremely user-friendly. Besides, the manual is also there to give extra guidance should you need it.


So, in short, what are the reasons for using Pentair pool equipment? For starters, I would say the supreme quality of all the chlorinators is one of the most compelling reasons. Even the budget chlorinator has a performance on par, if not better, than most other high-end products on the market.

The salt produces to chlorinate the pool is designed to be less irritating to people with sensitive skin. We all know there is chlorinator out there claiming they can clean your pool to a promised extent. However, It usually comes at the cost of people with sensitive skin staying miles away. That’s why this feature is a huge plus factor for why you should choose Pentair.

Last but not least, the third most critical reason why you should use Pentair is the products’ longevity. If you are not looking to replace your pool equipment regularly, then definitely choose Pentair. Most of their products have a lifespan that far exceeds other products at the same price. Granted some of them might not have a performance on par with brands that were founded for that specific feature. But most of the time of the performance is only slightly sub-par in one area but better overall.

That brings the review to the next point, which are things that Pentair could use some improvement.


Pentair has the most impressive chlorinators, and that is not deniable. However, indeed, the other categories might not be as splendid. Regardless, it should be emphasized again that they are only off by a small margin in terms of performance.

The second reason why Pentair might be pushing people off would be its price, which is understandable. Their products are usually made of materials with above-average materials to ensure quality and durability. As such, do expect that even the more affordable ones could be slightly pricey.

Thirdly, Pentair has a rather short warranty policy. Understandably, they are confident with their products, and for good reasons. Nonetheless, consumers will have better mental relief knowing they buy a product with adequate warranty cover, whether if the product might or might not break down.


Choose Pentair pool equipment if you are after a brand with a good track record for performance and reliability, especially if you have slightly more cash lying around. Also, Pentair chlorinators are superb for people with sensitive skin.

Wrapping Up

We could go on and on with why Pentair is a good brand, but that would take ages. Feel free to read our other articles on the specific Pentair products which you are interested in.

We were quite impressed after testing most of their pool products, especially the Pentair intellichlor, and we are sure you will be too. Anyway, folks, thanks for reading, and we will see you in the next article.

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